Starfish Stables announcement

Major disaster. My laptop died last week and I have lost all of my FF files. I have been able to recover some data but have no record of anything that has gone on in my Stables for this year. It is going to take me quite a bit of time to get caught up so Starfish runners will be fairly scarce for the next couple of weeks.

If I have made any promises to anybody with regards to Breeding or anything else, please let me know as any notes that I would have made are gone.

Oh Lewis that’s awful! Hope you get sorted out soon.

Oh dear, I hope it doesn’t take too long to recover/rebuild the data.

Oh man, I hope you recover as much as possible! My last laptop keeled over on me almost 2 years ago and I was able to recover almost everything but it still sucked. Hoping things go smoothly for you and nothing else was lost.

Oh no! I hope you can recover some more of your data if possible!

Have you looked into using google docs? That’s where I keep a lot of my FF stuff because I can access it anywhere with my gmail login.

I have an couple of External Hard Drives and thought that I had backed up everything to one of them at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, apart from two files, the most recent one I can find at this time is from late 2016.

What I have been able to recover so far (although quite old), I have been moving to Microsoft OneDrive and will be backing everything up on a frequent basis.

The sad thing is that I had recently bought a new laptop and had mapped out a day last week that I was going to focus on setting it up and copying everything over to it. It was when I tried to start my old laptop to copy everything off it, it wouldn’t start up. :frowning: