Stallions retiring during Breeding season?

When I logged on tonight and went to my stable overview I got a notification saying one of my mares hasnt been bred…but I had bred her already to stallion Player. I checked my own spreadsheet and I had indeed bred her and she was supposed to be due Mar 10/2025. I checked on Player tonight and it seems he’s been retired. Im not sure if FF did that or if @JohnGant retired him. Its not showing up that I bred her in my budget history but I had indeed paid the stud fee. Is this a normal occurrence in the game? Im still fairly new to the breeding side of this game, only my second full season.

Stallions can retire anytime. If they retire during breeding season and have already been bred for future months, those breedings get un-done, so your mare should no longer be in foal and you shouldn’t have paid any breeding fee.

thank you Shanthi for the insight. I just bred a few mares for future dates yesterday and it took the breeding fee from my reserve. Should I have been refunded automatically when Player was retired and the breeding undone?

Yes, your budget should not reflect any future breedings to Player.

Perfect thank you!