Stallions Lost in 2025

As I was working on breeding plans for the new year today, I realized that there were stallions who retired this year and I never realized it. Thought I’d go ahead and get this list going in case there was someone else who didn’t know and would need to make some different arrangements. Probably won’t be as fancy as Shelbie’s write-up last year, but here goes.

Crafty Magic, 2013 Brown Stallion
This son of Must Be Magic retired after only 5 foal crops (93 foals), ending with 48% winners and only 1 stakes winner.

Edinburgh, 2009 Dark Bay Stallion
Edinburgh’s retirement was announced on January 2, so this is more of just a salute to his accomplishments. Edinburgh finished his career with 7 crops (210 foals), 55% winners, 7% SW, 4% MSW, and 4 millionaires. At the moment, Edinburgh has no strong stud candidates among his sons, though GCh. Auctioneer has five stakes wins as a 5YO. His top-ranked foal so far is NCh. Towering Clover, who I won as a prize in one of the Color Wars games when she was two years old. She was retired to broodmare duties this year, but not before winning 9 stakes races (including 2 G1s - the Mother Goose Stakes in 2022 and the BC Filly & Mare Sprint in 2024) and earning over $2.2 million.

Express Yourself, 2008 Bay Stallion
Kinda knew it was coming, but Express Yourself has been a fixture here on FF for more than half of the time I’ve been playing, so it still came as a bit of a shock when I realized he had been retired. He had a fantastic run, really. Out of 11 crops (292 foals), he is currently sitting at 74% winners, 34% SW, 15% MSW, and 8 millionaires. Sadly, no sons have stud-qualified yet, but his last crop is due this year, so who knows.

Golden Text, 2007 Stallion
Another legend in FF, Golden Text finished his carreer with 11 crops (313 foals), 61% winners, 14% SW, 8% MSW, and 9 millionaires. He currently has one son, ICh. Calle de Oro, at stud.

Quarren, 2013 Bay Stallion
Quarren’s retirement came as a bit of a shock. At just shy of 12 years old, Quarren left behind only 6 crops (173 foals) to his name. Despite that, his stats are currently sitting at 69% winners, 20% SW, 10% MSW, and 6 millionaires. His highest ranking foals at the moment are GCh. Archipelago (a 4YO with 4 SW) and GCh. Madame Pele (a 5YO with 6 SW). Both seemed to only find their feet in their 2-3YO seasons, so if we’re going to get a stud out of any of Quarren’s sons, it may have to be from the younger crops.

Unabridged, 2007 Grey Stallion
Like Express Yourself and Golden Text, it’s hard to imagine the game without this dude. Unabridged retired with 11 crops (307 foals), 71% winners, 24% SW, 14% MSW, and 14 millionaires to his name. No sons officially at stud yet, but NCh. Cop in Morgue (winner of 8 stakes races in 2024 including the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness) is more than qualified, so it probably won’t be too much longer till we see him in the breeding shed.

Am I missing anybody else? This feels like an awfully low number after all the stallions lost in the last couple years. Lol.

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Quarren also retired earlier in the year. I think there’s 5 or 6 mares due to him next year. Oldest crop will be 6 next year. Hoping there’s a potential stud amongst them.

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I knew I was forgetting somebody. Thanks for the reminder.

Still a great post! I’ve been tracking the retirements/deaths, and you touched on 6 of the 12 stallions we lost. I don’t have the energy to go as in-depth as last year, so just to cover the additional 6 stallions lost:

Highland Burning, 2010 Grey Stallion
Retired with 8 crops (242 foals), 54% winners and 9% stakes winners, with 2 MSW’s. He was the only Highland Mystery colt to enter stud. His only stud candidate son needs just 1 more SW, but he’s completely unplaced this year as a 7yo so unlikely. He has no foals due next year, so he might have retired before this breeding season.

Blue Smoke, 2010 Bay Stallion
Blue Ensign’s only son to qualify for stud. From 9 crops he had 272 foals, 49% winners, 9% SW’s, 5 MSW’s. Currently none of his foals seem close to studhood. Only 4 foals expected next year.

Formal Occasion, 2010 Dapple Gray Stallion
Unfortunately died after covering just 6 mares for next year. Produced 10 crops (305 foals), 61% winners, 15% SWs, and 7% MSWs. His closest stud candidate was NCh. Belak, but he retired this year with 5 SW’s. He does have a few MSW sons, but most just have 2-3 wins. He was the last Highland Laird son at stud.

Sunday Paper, 2012 Dark Bay Stallion
Sired 7 crops (215 foals), 45% winners, 5% SWs, and 2 MSWs. He has no stud candidates right now.

Paint Me Proud, 2015 Blue Roan Stallion
His retirement was really unfortunate, as he was in limbo/inactive status for several years before finally being sold by FF just last year. He had a single 2022 crop, and has just 7 foals due next year for a total of 29 foals. His one racing-age crop consists of 1 winner and no stakes horses, but many are inactive.

Brigade, 2011 Dark Bay Stallion
Sired 9 crops (248 foals), 60% winners, 7% SWs, and 3% MSWs. His biggest candidate for stud is GCh. Wing Commander who needs just 1 more SW, and was a SW/MSP this year.


That’s why it felt like like too few. Lol. Thanks for helping me out here.