Stallion suggestion

I need some stallion suggestions for my mare, Artemis (Worth the Wait x Lady O’War [Man O’War]. She excelled on dirt at the classic distance, and have multiple stakes placings, but her wins are at the allowance level.

Since I’m a newbie, I’m doing as much research as I can, but it can be super hard to remember which stallions excelled at what. Also, while I’m familiar with some lines, I’m not good at knowing what crosses well with a certain line.

I did some research regarding what crosses well with a Worth the Wait lined mare, and one stud stood out, Stressed, who of course happens to be by the same dam as Artemis. I looked at maybe Too Stressful, but idk how I feel about that.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! I’m hoping for a foal to do dirt races at the classic length, so studs who produce that or raced that would be great.


Any particular price range or location you’re looking for? I’m still learning how to choose good pairings as well, but I can at least offer some suggestions I’ve researched for my own horses.

[color=blue]Last For More might be an option. He has 10 stakes wins, most of which are at the classic distance and all on dirt. Track record looks solid, but he doesn’t have a breed ranking yet, so not sure how he will produce.

You might also look at [color=blue]Von Lichtenstein. The hypomating report says he was unraced at the sprint and classic level but all but one of his 12 stakes wins were at 8-10f (other stakes win was at sprint level), and he never won on the endurance level, so I’m not sure what is going on with that. All his stakes wins were on dirt.

[color=blue]Calle de Oro is another example of the hypomating report not seeming to match the horse’s race record, but he also did quite well on classic dirt if his race record is anything to go on, so he might be another option. Downside, he is also a What’s It Worth descendant, so if you’re trying to avoid inbreeding, you might not want to use him.

Maybe someone with more experience/success could give you better suggestions, but these are some pairings that stood out to me, at least. Hope they help. Good luck!

Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it. I was looking at Von Lichtenstein as well, so decided to go with him!

Awesome! Glad I could help.