Stallion Owners: Breeders' Cup Nominations

Stallions must be nominated to the Breeders’ Cup for their foals to be eligible for nomination themselves.

Nomation fee for stallions: $100,000 per foal crop
Nomination fee for foals: $5,000 for a lifetime nomination

As you can see, it is significantly more expensive to nominate a stallion than a foal. However, BC nominated stallions can potentially charge a higher stud fee than non-nominated ones, and their foals can be sold for higher prices. $100,000 was chosen as the fee because most halfway-decent studs have stud fees starting at $10,000. With a full crop, you can still get $50,000 “profit” even if you nominate that crop to the BC. Even with only 10 foals for that year, the nomination will still be covered by the stud’s breeding fees.

Please go here to nominate your studs for the Breeders’ Cup.

For 2009: In 2009 only, you will be able to nominate your stud for all foal crop years.

Starting in 2010, you will nominate the stud year by year for that foal crop (i.e. the 2011 foal crop in 2010, the 2012 crop in 2011, and so on). Nominations will be required by the start of the breeding season, or February 14.

Any questions? Post here.

Note: Final Furlong famous studs (i.e. those from real life - Man O’War, Secretariat, etc) will be nominated for the Breeders’ Cup. No other FF studs will be nominated, however.

(Just as a random note of interest…)

Nominating every foal crop for the famous stallions FF owns (34 total) cost $23,100,000. :shock: :?

:astonished: 23 million? And that’s just the famous studs? Wow!

Well, each stud had between 5 and 10 crops, and each crop is $100,000 to nominate.

Theoretical question… colts who weren’t nominated to BC races are eligible to have their foal crops nominated, right? Seems silly to nominate crops from my studs who aren’t even racing anymore…

Note: If anyone is still racing/campaigning a SWing foal by Cross Roads or Planet Hollywood that was born pre-2004, let me know. I’m more than happy to nominate them, but I didn’t figure there was much need.

Well, on the page, if none of the foals from that crop are currently racing, it won’t let you nominate that crop. :wink:

But yes, a stallion only needs a nomination as a stud for his foals to be nominated.

Whether the horse was nominated in/ran in the Breeders’ Cup as a racer makes no difference.

Yeah, I spent exactly a million to nominate my studs crops and for a few of my studs I didn’t nominate all the crops either!

FYI-I’ve nominated ALL of Devil May Care and What’s Debaable’s crops and the 2009 and 2010 of Moonover Boy and 2004 of Five Card Stud’s crop and none of Northern Slew’s. If anybody with a foal by one of those studs has a problem with that let me know and we’ll see if we can work something out. :slight_smile:

Oh and BTW-because its so expensive to nominate studs expect a BIG raise in stud fees next season. For now they’re staying the way they are so if you’ve planned on breeding to one of my 3 below nows a good time to do it!

It’s probably because whoever owns their sire(s) hasn’t nominated the sire(s) for their birth year’s crop.

All but the first Secret Of Love’s crops have been nominated. Let me know if there is a problem with that. :slight_smile:

The horse page now displays whether or not a stallion is nominated for the Breeders’ Cup.

Note: This nomination refers to the next year’s crop, so it would apply to the foals currently being bred. If a stallion’s 2008 crop is nominated, for example, but no crops after that, he will not be listed as nominated to the Breeders’ Cup.

The horse page was accidentally displaying all studs as nominated for the BC for their 2010 foals - this has now been fixed.

The Breeders’ Cup nomination page for stallions now lets you nominate next year’s crop of foals (the ones being bred this year). Remember that nominations are due by Feb. 14.

Breeders’ Cup Nominations for 2011 foal crops are due today.

I hope I’m not being too stupid but I can’t seem to nominate any foal crop even though my Studs are nominated.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks. :slight_smile:

The only foals that can be nominated “normally” are current weanlings (2012 foals, in this case).  In order for them to qualify, their sires must have been BC nominated last year (to cover this year’s crop).

If you’re nominating older foals, or foals whose sires weren’t BC nominated, you’ll need to use the supplemental nomination page.


I know that this is kind of early to be thinking about this, but, when is the earliest that you can nominate a Stallions foal crop for the Breeder’s Cup for a year? Is it Jan 1st of the year or will it start before then?

Having just purchased my first stallion, I want to ensure that his future foal crops will all be BC eligible.

I see that the nomination fees are $5,000 for an individual foal, or $100,000 for a full years crop. Have you ever thought about doing something like $500,000 (say) for a lifetime nomination for a stallion’s foals? Obviously, only the biggest Studs would be able to do this. Just a thought for you to ponder.

It’s $5,000 for a foal AND $100,000 for the crop.