Stable alert minor issue

I’ve noticed that for some reason the stable alerts with regards to unbred broodmares have been kind of fritzy.  Not a big deal, but intriguing all the same. 

Here’s what I noticed:

When I first retired my mares from racing (Sacred Hill, Daddys Pride, Shattered Dreams, etc.), they showed up as expected on the stable alerts as not bred.  Perfect.  I selected some sexy studs for them and sent them on their way.  When they arrived there, the stable alert didn’t come back on to tell me that they were unbred (nor did it ever tell me that  they were in transit).  Anyhoo, no big deal.  I’m kinda happier without the alerts.  I bred them and shipped them home.  Now, it’s doing something completely different with the non-maiden mare I have to breed.  Go for Glory foaled in early January.  She showed up on my alerts as unbred.  Great.  I shipped her off to Stillwater, my alerts told me she was in transit.  Beautiful.  I breed her to the sexy Ring of Fire, and my stable alerts still think she’s not bred.  Her individual page says that she is in foal to Ring of Fire, so I ship her back to Cricket Hill.  She’s currently in transit back to the Hill.

Long story short, here’s where it stands right now:

  1. Shattered Dreams is not bred.  She’s currently at Storybrook farms.  I can keep her unbred for a little bit if this will make it easier.  She’s never been bred before.  She should show up in the stable alerts as unbred.

  2. Go For Glory is bred.  Every page except for the stable alerts acknowledge this.  She is not a maiden mare.  She is listed as unbred via the stable alerts.

  3. Maiden mares showed up initially as unbred, but disappeared from the alerts as soon as I shipped them anywhere and the alerts never reappeared.

Not a huge issue.  Just a bit of a head scratcher.

Hm…I re-worked the way this grabbed data from the database, and apparently that wasn’t so useful. :wink:

I’ll try and fix it within a week or so.

Do you want me to hold off on breeding Shattered Dreams until you figure this out?  Not really a big deal at all, since technically, no one’s getting bred until February. =)

Sure, that’s fine.  Thanks. :slight_smile: