Spring Break

Ok starting April 1st I’ll be gone for spring break. In any case I’m going to New York. I’m so excited, I finnaly convinced my friends to go to Belmont Park! We leave for NY the day after the The Excelsior Breeders’ Cup, and we leave for home the day before The Wood Memorial. -sighs- There are some races on the 8,9,10 but we are still decideing when we will go… I’m so excited…

We are also going to see everything there is to see, and Shopping. I also wanted to know some good shops, and stuff to go to if any one knows any, and some horse/equine shops around NY because there is an entire day for nothing but shopping, and I saved up too much money :roll: so i know it’s going to be burning my pocket on the shopping day.

lol lucky thing have a great trip!