Sorry for the absence

Hey guys,

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately. Summer ended with a whirlwind of events, including traveling abroad for a friend’s wedding, getting (and staying, so far :frowning:) sick with a nasty cold, and (most recently) getting engaged (woo!).

I’m hoping to have more time to work on current bugs and the beta site, but no guarantees as I’ll be job hunting again soon and then there’s the holidays and yadda yadda yadda. I am still working on things, though, even if the progress is reeeeeeeeally slow. :wink: My goal (initially) was to get the beta site done in 2012, but I’m not sure how likely that is anymore. So…end of 2013 perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your patience!

Congratulations on your engagement! Hope you feel better soon :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness! Everyone I know is getting engaged, even on FF!

Congratulations! ;D

Congratulations on your engagement.

Great news! Except the nasty cold and the “end of 2013” deadline :wink:  :smiley:

Congrats! And feel better soon!

I went through that a few years ago. Next will be the having kids wave, I suspect.


This cold has been plaguing me since July - I’m really ready for it to be gone.

And I’m just trying to be realistic on deadlines. :wink: I could get lucky free time-wise, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Congrats on getting engaged. :slight_smile: Where will you have a wedding?! Kind of great being so close to all those gorgeous castles right. :wink:

We’re shooting for something really low-key and personal. Current plan is booking a B&B with a pretty garden for the week and having the ceremony in the garden, and then taking everyone out for indian food as the “reception”. :wink: Neither of us are much into dancing (well, I like swing dancing, but that’s not really your standard party fare).

The castles are tempting but they’re so big/imposing. With my family we can either do a pretty good sized guest list (75-100) or quite small (20ish) depending on whether we limit to immediate family or not. We’re choosing to head towards the 20ish end of things, so a castle might be overkill. :wink:

We are hypothesizing about doing a backpacking trip in the English countryside as a honeymoon, but it depends on how adventurous we want to be, and how likely it is that we’d spend a week sopping wet and miserable. :wink:

That sounds wonderful. :slight_smile:  The B&B with garden sounds so romantic.  I aways thought a castle wedding would be so great, but a lot of work too…we chose Vegas, lol. 

Lol, there are lots of wedding options here!  There are some lovely gardens there, I used to love to o to see them wherever we visited. The Cotswold wildlife park has one nice gardens! (Did 10ish yrs ago anyhow) lol. And Warwick castle is not that large with gorgeous gardens and peacocks too!
Good luck on the cold last tie I caught one it lasted 6 weeks. Sounds like yours has mine beat! Must be some kind of old wives cure all there, my friend was always giving me tips. Her patents hated doctors. Lol

How very exciting for you!  Congrats to you and the lucky fellow.  :wink:  Life can be full of some fascinating turns - I’m glad to hear you’re on to a very good one.

I second the “everyone I know is getting engaged/having babies/etc.” - my mother never fails to remind me that she does want grandkids someday.  ::)  And I never fail to remind her that I have given her a very lovely grandpuppy and grandcat…ha.

As for FF - all good things are worth the wait.  Even if the beta never gets off the ground, I would still be a very satisfied and grateful FFer.  The thought of the beta is just a bonus - one that none of us deserve, but every one of us will enjoy, whenever it comes around.  So thank YOU for the dedication to the game!

And as for job hunting - are you and the future Mr. moving?  Or just time to hunt?  Hopefully the job hunt is for happy reasons, and best of luck with that as well.

That sounds mad fun (both the wedding and the honeymoon adventure). Congrats, Shanthi!

There’s no end to the possibilities where you are living! So much to do. You could always pick a new adventure every year on your anni too! :slight_smile:

Haha. Luckily neither of our parents are bugging us for grandkids, because we likely won’t have any. We have a grandpuppy, and are getting a second grandcat, though, and (someday) will get grandponies (yes, plural :stuck_out_tongue:).

No, I work as a freelancer so every so often I swap companies, which sadly involves a job hunt (the part I hate). It’s been a year since the last time, though, so it’s not as bad as it could be.

Yay for low-key personal wedding ceremony!

I don’t know many people who get married, or even people who are married :wink: some of my friends have kids, but also not many (still, more kids than marriages, it seems).

I’ll have a grandwhippet in two years :wink: partly because I found this database: after finding out that whippet would be my next perfect dog. The database is amazing, and of course created by one whippet-loving freak. :slight_smile:

Whippets are really cool dogs. :slight_smile: If I got a second dog, I think I’d go for a greyhound because they sound like all the best bits of my dog (minus the insane amounts of hair).

GrandPONIES?  And a second grandcat?
No wonder you’re marrying the man!  :wink:

But very seriously, my logic goes like this:
loves animals = big heart = good man

I could never be with someone who didn’t like animals!  Heck, I can’t even be friends with a person who doesn’t, because that person seems so foreign & impossible to understand…

Yeah, he’s a good’un. I don’t expect him to support the grandponies, though. Maybe the second cat. :wink: (Unlikely, though - the first cat has decided that he’s his soulmate and they will love each other forever and ever, so he’s always wanting to be sprawled on his lap/chest and be petted and be the centre of attention. It’s very cute, but I do think it annoys the fianc