Someone in England????

I have sent my gelding Humble Trick across the pond to try and see if he can win something big for me–he has proven that he still has will to win at the age of 7 with a win in a long distance race about a month and half ago.

Problem is that he has been in England for 3 weeks and is still at a ‘F’ energy–he is on tired boy and he’s not been raced that hard this year.  I’m thinking, if he comes up from this and races on more time in a stakes, it will be his last hurrah and I will send him home permanantely.  He’s big and handsome–dressage may be his new calling.

My question: anyone out there willing to allow my boy to rest up so I can get that one more race out of him?  Let me know your price and we can go from there-- the help will be greatly appreaciated.

Diamond Dale Farm