Some of my stable page has gone missing!

Description of Issue
only a part of my main stable page appears

Steps to Reproduce
Just log in as normal but only part of the page shows

hope you can see the page

This has been reported here and here.

Adding to random pages gone missing-- when I click on “Breed this mare” for my mare Bóinn, this is the page that appears:

ETA: this is the case for all the mares I’ve retired to broodmare in the last few weeks.

View Horse: Bóinn 2023-05-26 22-34-47

Are y’alls Leasing pages working correctly?

I’ve been trying to check the status of a broodmare I was leasing who was due to foal sometime in the next few weeks, but whose name escapes me for some reason. :roll_eyes: When I access the “Lease a Horse” page (as an alternative), she isn’t listed, but neither does her foal appear in my barn when I do a search for weanlings. I’d love to verify if she and/or the foal passed away. Does anyone have other suggestions for workarounds, given that stable searches probably won’t be accessible for a while to come? Thanks.

ETA: I was able to track down the mare by sifting through last year’s breeding records in my budget. :grimacing::+1:t2:

Oh no! The lease page isn’t working for me either. I also don’t remember the names of the broodmares I was leasing this year, so that’s going to be fun tracking those down. :grimacing:

I also just retired a racehorse to broodmare and am having the same problem with the “Breed This Mare” page not showing up.

Stables page is fixed