Soda Lime

Hey i was wondering

does anyone know what soda lime is?? or what it can be found in???

Soda Lime is a product they

use to remove Carbon Dioxide from an item or area

where can u purchase it


That, I do not know. Sorry

Uhm… I dont think it can be

purchased unless it’s to a school or


At least

they won’t ship it unless its to a school or


They have it for sale in

vials. I guess you’ll just have to look around and search.

Thanks for your help. im

doing my big biology prac and the stupid lab assistants told me to go to a hardware store to

buy it cause they didnt supply it, so i went there and they are like what is soda lime??

GGRRRRRR and she is so rude and eventually the chemistry teacher told me that you cant buy it

you have to make it!! stupid ppl!!!

You can buy lime at hardware

stores, it’s crushed up limestone if I’m remembering right and you use it in the dirt

sometimes when you’re planting stuff to adjust the pH. Dunno if they’re the same thing or

not or if your TA’s were confused… Having been a bio TA, I’ll guarantee we’re a confused

bunch a lot of the time :wink: