so many to choose from....

My head is spinning with lists and statistics  :frowning: I’m looking for a good sprint stallion for my mare Validancer all her foals are winners so far and i’d like to keep the record and improve on it. She has just had her foal and I’m hoping to get an early booking for her. Any offers/recomendations gladly considered!

Hm, when in doubt I always look at what family has produced. Her best half-siblings are by Rainbow Quest, Highland Bandit, and A.P. Indy.

RQ - Crystal Rainbow or National Post
HB - Robin Hood
AP - Golden Text or Aptitude

Golden Text was a sprinter so if you wanted to go in that direction, I’d go with him. To be fair, though, all of those boys won at least one stakes at < 8f, so you could gain a bit of flexibility distance-wise if you went with one of the others, as GT only did well in sprints.

Thanks Shanthi, so logical once it’s pointed out  :slight_smile:

Text still has openings no approval :slight_smile:

My guys are still available and happy to accommodate any mare, no approval needed.  They are both very inexpensive.  Young fellas, just starting their breeding careers.  I hope you’ll consider them!

The Fighting Fifty, stud fee $10k:

Cryptic Ballad, stud fee $5k: