Smells Like Tuna

LOL…i just discovered the

worst name ever for a poor little filly. Smells Like Tuna is

her name and the only reason i came across her is because her mom is suppose to be visiting

Love this season. Oh man Dan! How could you!? Lol…j/k I just found it super funny and

wanted to share with the rest of the community. :wink:

Goodness… :wink:

That poor little filly! :frowning:

having toput up with such a name… she’ll get over it eventually :slight_smile:

Oh wow! That’s a horrible

name to have! :blink: I feel bad for the poor horse

Ha, watch she’ll be the

next triple tiara winner! We’ll all be able to look back and see Smells like Tuna in the

record books :smiley: :lol:

I am jealous of that naming

skill! Maybe I’ve found my new mentor. :wink:

Haha! Nah, Chicken is

awesome! I hope he goes to stud! :slight_smile: If he’s anything like his 1/2 brother and sister he

should get a couple of stakes wins! :slight_smile:

Cat, you named a horse


Yeah one of her 2yos :slight_smile:

She’s also got an '09 babe

named…“Unnamed”. :wink:

(BTW, Cat, I’m not sure if that’ll cause the scripts to go nuts

once he starts racing…I hope not, but if they do, I’m holding you liable :wink:…not to

mention e-mailing you with all the SQL errors it spits out :stuck_out_tongue:)

But of course! He was

originally “Ain’t No Chicken,” but I figured that wasn’t too much fun. So, he got renamed.

From the looks of it, there’s some promise for him. I’m trying to get a giant conspiracy

going to get him studified. Have people enter claimers into his stake races. In exchange,

he’d have a free stud fee so that people could have fun with all the naming potential. As

to the conspiracy, I’m not sure it’s going to work out (like my plot to rule the world via

my army of Highland Laird foals), but it’s always hopeful.

Heh, Shanthi. I look forward

to it. Do you want me to make it Un Named (or UnNamed?), if the scripts are pissy? Then we

can have fun when the bugger gets studified (if at all) with all the potential Un names.

Like Un Dead, and Un Eventful and Un Successful.

If the script gets pissy,

UnNamed would probably work. :slight_smile: If not, Un Named would definitely work. :slight_smile:

I get dibs

on Un Dead! And Un Less! They (and Emu) shall take over the world! Muahahaha…

Foo. Well, you better get

Un Dead studified, so I can have a Zombie and Brain Eater.

What if Un Dead is a filly?


Oooh…we should eventually

cross these two lines…then you’d have Zombie Chickens!

(Not to mention some super

pretty bloodliness…:wink:)

Then I will do my best to

steal a foal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zombie Chickens. Those would be rather scary. Unfortunately, both

Unnamed and Chicken are both boys. So, they both need to get studified in order to pass on

their cool names.

Also for Un Less, I want a foalie by the name of Use Less.

This is really really really

fun to read :slight_smile: I hope Chicken and all your other unfortunately-named horses do well Cat!

Since the beginning of this

thread, I’ve not been able to get the name " Undead Chickens " out of my head.

Ha! I had a filly a couple

years ago that went through two or three names… she was out of State Secrets and a half to

Foryoureyesonly, and I came up with all these spy names that tanked. I tried to name her

Unnamed, finally, and that was also blasted. :smiley: