Slewy Jet

Since my sister & I purchased Arabid, (Our TB Mare) we have been on the hunt to find a TB stallion to breed her to. One we felt would cross well with her bloodlines, and was within out budget…

Yesterday afternoon we made the 2 hour trec to Santa Rosa to look at the stallion Slewy Jet
Here are a couple pic’s my sis took…
Slewy Head Shot (I really like this one)

Slewy Conformation Shot (not the best of him, but he was interested in the grass0

I think we are going to go with him… he does have a couple foals on the track right now… that are doing well…

So Waht do you think?

no comments?

Very cute head/face. :slight_smile: Nice conformation, too, and he looks surprisingly non-cresty for a stud.

What’s his fee?

I do like his head alot too, its not big or plain and it has a cute quality to it, like a pony. I like his hooves too, they look like he’s never had a problem with them which is really important. I also like that his withers are pretty prominent, which would hold a saddle on pretty well if its passed to his babies. Not a big thing, but something nice haha.

His fee is $900

Yes I thought he had very good feet for a TB… no not at all cresty… but then again neither was his grandsire, whom he looks like…

also what I like about him… is he has good bone, nice long legs…

How big is he?

I’m thinking right around 16.3h… he is very tall… but since we have Saddlebreds… I’m used to seeing tall horses…

How about either one of these sires?

SNOW KINGDOM, gr/ro., 1979, Key to the Kingdom-Snow Doll by Mito. Fuego Farms, 19772 Highline Rd., Tehachapi, CA, 93561

ILLINOIS STORM, gr., 1993, Storm Cat-Flordelisada by Drone. Ponzo Equine Center, 3005 Baseline Ave., Solvang, CA, 93464

Just a thought !!!

I’ve been pretty busy lately but got a chance to read your post. At first glimpse he is a very attractive horse but after a closer examination I found these few things.

He is a little too straight (post legged) behind than I like to see, and a little camped under in front and over at the knee (Though it might be the shadow). He looks pretty comfortable the way he’s standing so I doubt it’s just that. He does have a nice big shoulder, which I like, but could use a larger hind quarter. I like his hind pasterns a lot, their short and have good substance for shock absorption. However, I don’t like how upright he is in front and how much longer they appear to be.

Over all, I think he has some slight conformational errors but is a nice looking horse. As a stallion prospect I would maybe shop around for something that may be slightly better put together behind and straighter up front. These errors may or maynot cause problems later on down the road soundness wise, but in a race horse i wouldn’t want to take the chance. On another good note he does have a nice pedigree.

Don’t take this as a good or bad analysis. I don’t want to put him down or build him up I just want you to see what is there so you can make a good judgement call. :slight_smile:

Illinois Storm

Illinois Storm looks small. How tall is he?? But looks like he has good conformation! I LOVE HIS SIRE!!!

If you guys like Storm Cat… here’s a little boy in southern CA that’s stellar. In person, he’s amazing…
Sea of Secrets

He is 16.2 H.H. Here are some links to give you more info. :slight_smile:

If you Google ““Illinois Storm” thoroughbred” there is a link where they are auctioning off a breeding to him for charity and the bid is at $500 i believe. Happy hunting…


Here’s a genetics link that looks like a million bucks to the breeding industry. Go to the attached link and see if you want to have your mare genetically linked to the best horse possible.

You never did tell us what or who you bred your mare to??? We’d be interested!