Sim Membership Fees

Note: This has nothing to do with Final Furlong. Final Furlong will always be free to play as long as I can afford to keep it running. This is for research purposes only.

So…how much would you be willing to pay for a sim game (created/run by me, with realistic results, numerous breeds/events, and so on)?

This poll is meant to be anonymous, but feel free to post below with what feature(s) you would expect from a pay-to-play game (daily events, daily auctions, cool graphics, etc).

Also, if an option were available to get discounts on the fees, do you have suggestions for what would qualify for discounts?


For me personally, I think I’d want to pay something like $5-10 a month to play. (My budget’s not as tight as it used to be, but it’s still pretty snug. :wink: ) Perhaps discounts could get granted as a sort of reward for really active people – if, say, you’re a Captain in Color Wars (or whatever the equivalent would be on TUHOS :wink: ) or just volunteering a lot to help contribute to the flavor or community of the game, you’d get to play at a lower rate than say a person who just logs in once a week and does their own thing away from everyone. I don’t know how business-savvy that would be, though…or how the heck you’d keep track of who’s doing what. :wink:

As a student, $10 (or $120 a year) is a bit steep. I’d probably max out at $20 or $25 a year (so around $2/month?). But then again, I’m a poor college student who doesn’t need more procrastination opportunities.

Either what Nan suggests, or maybe graded memberships (regular vs. premium). If one were active, perhaps a premium membership could be earned in a SIM manner through dedication?

Just some thoughts.

I think that $120/yr is too expensive, not because I personally can’t afford it, but because the ‘going rate’ for similar games is $30-50/yr. (Yes, I did do some research on this). (Actually, I could afford $120/yr, but the husband would probably veto at that level).

True, but those games are also only barely profitable. It’s rather pointless to create another game that ends up costing me money to run.

I would be willing to pay $11-$15 a month if it was a game up to snuff… seeing as thats about how much I pay a month to play an online game World of Warcraft.

I odn’t ahve a prob with 7-10 a month as long as thers perks…

I think I would be able to do $7-10 a month, but anything more than that I don’t think I’d go for (seeing as I’m a 15yo making my ‘living’ off babysitting and trying to pay for my horse at the same time).

It would be interesting to see what people would pay. What about having a membership and having to pay a certain fee to get a broodmare or a stallion or racehorse to start out with. The more you pay the better chance the horses would be a winner. There of course would be a max and havin to pay per horse would cut down on certain horses hopefully. Just wondering.

I like Blue Wolf Play WoW. So $11-$15. Does not sound uneasonable to me if as she stated the game was up to “snuff”(whatever that means to each of us :wink: )

It’s not going to be profitable, though, if it’s so much more expensive than everyone else that people don’t want to, or can’t afford to, pay it. If it ends up being over $100 a year, I won’t be able to play. It doesn’t matter how good it is, $100 a year is a lot for the high school and college students that are the primary market for this game, and a lot for quite a few working adults too. Of course, I admit I’m in part campaigning for a lower price so I can play without the husband saying it’s too much…everything I’ve heard about the game says it’s great, but the market has to be, sadly, taken into account.

Yes the market does have to be taken into account. The pay for play horse racing games I have experienced have varied particapation levels. You can play the game for free but your options are severely limited. And let’s face it we’re not the typical pay for play group. I would bet that the vast majority of us got here searching for a free horse racing game. I know I did :wink:

I know i cant afford any pay for games, we are trying to pay all our bills off now so we can buy a house in the fall and not have to go into military housing again. And with me not able to work anymore due to health reasons and having two kids a dog and two cars our budget is very tight.

I would be willing to pay around $7-10/month for the new sim game you create. I really enjoy your game alot, and I feel that your new game would probably be awesome. Perhaps you’re barking up the wrong tree here, lol, as most of us on here did probably look for a free game when we stumbled upon the great world of Final Furlong. I did. So, as you see from the poll and the comments, most here aren’t very willing to pay (at least not very much).

Perhaps you can figure out a way to maybe make it where there are numerous levels of membership at different rates per month. Maybe something like a Bronze level, Silver level, Gold level, and Platinum. You get more features at the Platinum level than you would at the Gold, and so on. Maybe you can have some kind of other venue where you can make some money, perhaps a TUHOS store. I voluntarily donate money towards the costs of FF’s server, so I would have no problem paying a monthly fee for your new game.

Well, thats just my two cents. I really look forward to you beginning work on the new sim game, let’s hope you can find some time to get the concept rolling. :slight_smile:

Right now as a student (high school) and looking at 8 years of collage… I can’t afford even $1 a month… I found FF like most other people… looking for a quality sim game that was free… the features & realism of this game are awesome… and I have no doubt the new game you plan to create will be equally awesome… and in the future (not to near)… I’m sure I’ll be more likely to find the funds to play a pay game…

Well, if I wasn’t sure about a game, I wouldn’t pay for it. But since FF is so great, that I’d trust you’d make a game just as great, I’d be willing to pay $7-10. As I am a high school student, I don’t make much money.

Also, what I would pay depends on what the game is, for example, I’m not into World of Warcraft type stuff, I’m into horse games.