SIM Horse Abuse

I’m not going to name names on this forum, but is there anyway to prevent newbies, who have no idea how to play this game, from entering their horse race after race after race.

There is a 3 year old filly who is well bred that is running her heart out in every race she’s run, but she’s been ran in EVERY race since the 11th and she’s entered to run in the 25th.

The owner of this filly is new and I have a feeling they haven’t read the newbies guide and so they have no idea how to use the features of the game so they don’t understand that their horse has to rest or it’ll die or break down.

Normally I wouldn’t say anything (you live you learn), but this poor filly has GOT to be exhausted!

I don’t want to start a flaming war, but I don’t want for newbies to think that this kind of think is OK!

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I don’t want to see horses breaking down either, but I generally live by “you live, you learn”…presumably if this filly is doing really badly in all of her starts, it will become pointless to keep running her, and she’ll get some rest. Hopefully this will happen pre-breakdown, but if not, she just gets to become a statistic for the real-life simulation in the game.

My new OTT mare ran every 10-20 days, rain or shine, and luckily didn’t get hurt at all during her racing career…most maiden/claimer/allowance level horses aren’t that lucky.

Edited to add… Just as a side-note, there are a few horses entered this week who’ve been pretty severely overraced, so this isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Andrea and I have posted a few times about overracing, and it’s covered in the FAQ and the newbie guide, so if you aren’t going to pay attention to all of that, then frankly, you deserve a broken-down horse. (Though obviously, it sucks for the horse.)

Yeah, but I don’t want to see this become the norm for newbies though. This particular stable only has 2 horses - 1 racing age (the other is a 2 year old). I think they’re trying to make money, but I think they’re going about it the wrong how.

But she’s being raced every Wednesday and Saturday since the 11th which isn’t right! I have emailed this person privately as well, but oh well - if there isn’t anything that will be done then I’ll try to ignore it, but it’s sad because this is a very nice filly!

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some1 ring the animal cruelty hotline thats terrible,if thats the way he/she treats her animals in real life as well then may god have mercy

I’m with Shanthi. Each to their own and suffer the consequences if your horse breaks its leg.

If we look at this from a RL standpoint no one can tell you how to train your animals. If you want to work a horse to much or too fast it is up to you. You can offer advice but you cant make the owner do anything.

I have a question on this topic. Injuries happen on a percentage or a chance. Does over racing increase that chance? How much? And what other things affect your chance of injury?

Over-racing does increase your horse’s chance of injury, but not in the way you think.

Whether a horse gets injured is based on a variety of things: the track condition, the horse’s energy level, the horse’s fitness level, whether the horse is still “injured” from a previous injury (running a week after he bowed his tendon, for example), etc.

When a horse gets injured, there’s a chance to permanently decrease his soundness, depending on the severity of the injury.

Thus, overracing =

  • tired horse, who’s more likely to get injured
  • more chances for the horse to get injured (racing has a greater chance of injury than training)
  • more potential decreases in soundness if the horse is injured

So overracing itself doesn’t necessarily have an effect (other than the obvious decrease in ability), but it still amounts to a more “fragile” horse.

Well, if that poor filly breaks her leg, that member sure will have learned by experience. Though, I’d hate to see that happen… Broken legs too often lead to sad endings with well-bred horses.  :stuck_out_tongue: