sign of an FF addict

you know you spend too much time on FF when you see a real life horse’s DOB as being 2006 and automatically think of him as a 4 y/o.

maybe I should consider spending a little more time in the real world.  ;D


A few weeks ago, I looked at a can of tomato paste. It’s expiration day was in July 2008. For some reason, I thought it was 2 years over the expiration date. And I’m still a newbie! Goes to show I’ll be a major FF addict someday. ::) lol.

Once when I was writing the date on a check, I wrote 2010.  Whoops  :wink:

That’s hilarious. lol.

You know you’re an FF Addict when you stay up until 3am to bid in an Auction…

Edea and I are starting the FF Geek Club. Anyone want to join?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure. I don’t think I’m an official FF addict/geek yet but I’m getting there!

I’ve been in the game for almost two years now (will be two in May) and I’m so addicted. I go insane when I can’t login to just view my horses (even if I can’t buy horses or enter any races) or login just because I can.

It doesn’t go away either. Once an FF’er, always an FF’er unless you forcefully pull yourself away from it because of time constraints(not that the game takes that much time-but some people find themselves spending too much time on it when they should be doing school/work stuff), which a few former members have had to do…I’ve been playing since the game was known as VR and I love it as much now as ever.

LMAO You an even bigger geek when you set your alarm for 2 am (when the auction starts my time) to place your first bids.

Ill join your club!

As soon as I learn flash and get this avi to flash from Engaging Fan Club to FF Geek Club I’ll send it your way :wink:

I am sooooo going with Amy on this… I’m a newb, but I’m totally gettin’ hooked XP <3

Edea- XD <3 YES… I need to ask my friend what type of flash he uses for avatars… mweehee… :stuck_out_tongue:

I get confused with dates sometimes, too…never to the point of writing the wrong thing on a check, but I’ve gotten confused about what year (real life) Derby hopefuls were born, or how old my horse/dog/cats/etc are.  :wink:

I spend time making list… who I’m going to breed to what mare in 5 years… (yes I look to the future!)

I make sure I get up on the day an auction starts… to be able to place my bids right when it opens… I go through withdrawls if we go away for the day… I’m hopelessly hooked…

Is there a 3 step program to kick this addiction?

  1. Turn off your computer
  2. Regain your (in)sanity, and turn your computer back on
  3. Give up


That’s hilarious.  ;D

I haven’t clicked into FF time yet so that I can look at 2006 and instantly think 4yo. I think I’m getting there though…

I keep thinking that’s it’s 2007 because of this game though. I don’t know how.  ???  :smiley:

Yeah, I also go on a site called Morningline and I’m convinced it’s 2007 sometimes. Goes to show I’m slightly addicted to that too. But FF is my true love. -breaks into uncontrollable laughter-

I like it! For me, it’d be insanity. I never had any sanity to regain. lol.