Showing off time! :D

I just got some new pics of

my colt today and I have to show them off! He looks so good now that he’s shed out. Poor guy

though, it was so hot where I am today that when I brought him out of the pasture there wasnt

a patch of skin on him that wasnt sweating. <_<


href=‘’ target=’_blank’>My

colt looking like an arab!


target=’_blank’>Look at this color!

href=‘’ target=’_blank’>A cute face

view of my colty

So anyhow, worship him, love him :lol:

He’s adorable :slight_smile:

He’s beautiful! I love his


Very nice and wow, what a

great color!

ohh yeah your horse is so

sexy XD -worships-

He’s cute!

Yeah he’s real cute. :slight_smile:

lucky! :wink:

Yeah, you gotta admit, he

looks real good for a colt that by all rights should be dead ^-^ He’s actin up right now

cause the other boarder’s mare is in heat though <_<

Mine is acting up because my

dad put my oldist gelding back in with him…so i had to seperat them yet again…and now he’s

all upset again -.-;