Shipping of Broodmares


I had two mares that had their last race today (Cherokee Accent & Topaz). I changed both of them from Racehorses to Broodmares and noticed that their locations changed to my Stables. That is not a problem.

I have another mare, racing in Australia, Polly’s Appeal, that is due to have one last race on May 3rd and then she too will be retired to stud. The problem is that the stallion that I had selected for her is standing at Vaucluse Farms, which is in Australia. I am concerned that when I change her from Racehorse to Broodmare, her location is automatically going to change to my Stables, which will mean that I will have to pay $24,100 to ship her to Vaucluse and then again to bring her home after she has been bred.

Is this what is going to happen?

unfortunately yes… the one and only time horses magically poof back to the home stable is when they are switched from race horse to broodmare… stallion… or retired…

So you will have to pay the shipping fee to and from Australia to get her bred…