Shipping Leased Horse

I just leased Sudden Flame from Edea and on his page it says he magically transported from CA to my place in NY but then I go to ship him to Aqueduct (since he is supposedly in NY) and It gives me the price from CA to Aqueduct so I go to ship him from her place by Santa Anita to Santa Anita and it gives me the price from NY to Santa Anita.  :stuck_out_tongue:

So anywho-I’d like to take him to Santa Anita if he’s at Edea’s place still and if he’s at my place I’d like to take him to Aqueduct.

I guess I just need him to stay in one place for more than 15 seconds so I can put him somewhere useful. :wink:

I just shipped leased horses that I thought were at my farm, as that is what is says, but when shipping, it charges me from the “real owner’s farm” to the track I am running at. So I thought it was going the 25 miles and instead some are going 250-700 miles.

It got very expensive.  Anyway to change that in the future?