Shanthi? question about race results?

I checked my race results for yesterday, early this morning, around 4:30. It told me that out of the three horses I ran, one finished 5th, the second finished 3rd, and the third horse finished 3rd as well.

I came back to log on this afternoon, and its changed the results saying that my horse Voldemort placed 4th all of a sudden? not really a huge deal, but a little disappointed? I’m getting ready to walk out the door to go to work by the time 4:30am rolls around, so I know it wasn’t my half-asleep imagination…

Hope you don’t mind me answering this. There was a bug in the system when the code ran the races (Shanthi posted in the announcements section) basically meaning that somehow the second half of the races got messed up e.g. 2yos running in races against 4yo horses. Some of the races were rerun (approx the second half) hence the different results. Generally things run smoothly most of the time so hopefully it won’t happen again. It is disappointing when the ponies don’t run quite as well as you hoped but keep trying, you’ll get there :slight_smile:

ok! that makes me feel better at any rate haha, at least i know he ran good regardless of bug! thanks for answering :slight_smile: