Shanthi- Leasing Problem

I’m trying to lease my gelding Numbers Game to rest him but he doesn’t show up on my lease page? Maybe I missed something I’m not sure.

Should be fixed.

Hmmm my stable seems to be rebelling. When I click on the lease page I get this error.  >:D

Unknown column ‘Description’ in ‘where clause’
SELECT * FROM ff_horse_sales WHERE (Description LIKE ‘%purchase%’ OR Description LIKE ‘%adoption%’ OR Description LIKE ‘%claim%’) AND Buyer = 270 AND Horse = 2461 ORDER BY Date DESC LIMIT 1

OK, now it should be fixed.

Sorry, I promise I’m not trying to be difficult, but now on of my 2 year olds Valencia is showing up and Number Game is still MIA.

This isn’t a bug.  You bought him 140 days ago, so you can’t lease him until you own him for another 43 days or race him 3 times.

Oh ok, sorry about that.