Shanthi appreciation

I’ve noticed @Shanthi has been very MIA these past few months, so hoping everything is going okay on your end! I know we’ve posted a number of bug reports, so just wanted to make a little call-out here that we appreciate all the hard work you do, Shanthi! Many of us are always more than happy to help out around the site, too, though I’m sure the bulk of the work is on the back end with the coding where we can’t help.

Thank you again for all your hard work in FF, hope things are going well, and please let us know if there’s anything we can do to take a few things off your plate. :slightly_smiling_face: :racehorse:


I don’t know many people that can manage a virtual universe and a real life in a pandemic. So thanks for keeping the wheels on Shanthi! We appreciate it! I hope you and yours are well.


So well said Shelbie!

I immensely appreciate everything you do Shanthi! FF has been a great escape from the craziness of 2020. Like Shelbie said, I hope everything is all good, and we’re here if you need us!


I would like to add my thanks to Shanthi too. Life is so uncertain at the moment that FF is like a sanctuary where I can escape for a while. Stay safe, stay well all of you


Shanthi, you do a great job keeping the site going. Thank you very much and I too hope you (and everyone else) are managing to stay safe and well in these strange times.


I agree with others! It’s one of my favourite places on the internets, and it’s been fun to play the game while real life horse racing was in chaos, haha. I love how realistic this game is, regarding racing calendar and many other features.


Yes, thank you so much, Shanthi! This game is what made me fall in love with Thoroughbreds and horse racing. I’ve been playing since I was 16 and have always had so much fun. So glad I found Final Furlong and that you still keep it running despite RL being insane. You’re amazing!


Aw, thanks all! :heart: I feel like I’ve been letting FF down this year, though to recap…

My 2020:

  • bought a house (Nov 2019, granted)
  • started redecorating house (January)
  • started a new job (January)
  • beloved dog died :cry: (February)
  • FIL died (February)
  • maybe caught covid? (March…still dealing with symptoms now)
  • did tons more DIY (April-onwards)
  • started managing contractors converting our garage into a 1-bed apartment for MIL (June-onwards)
  • got a foster dog (July)
  • started volunteer project helping refugees learn to code (August-onwards)

We’re in the homestretch of the apartment project (I hope…she’s moving over in 3 weeks! :scream:) so I’m hoping after that we’ll have a more quiet winter where we can relax and I can actually work on FF stuff some more…I’ve been way more MIA than I would have liked!

My free time this year has either been house projects, knitting, or mindless games on my phone, but I’d really like to get back to the headspace where I can work on FF, even if it’s just fixing bugs. (I have other big plans, but won’t promise when they might happen, given 2020.)


Holy wow. You’ve had a heck of a 2020. I hope your COVID recovery continues on a rapidly positive trajectory and you feel normal soon. I’ve read about “the long haulers” and that sounds quite frankly frustrating. So I’m terribly sorry that you’ve been dealing with that for so long on top of what would already be a heck of a year without a pandemic. Kudos to you for powering through and still being a positive force in the world!

Wow! Some of that sounds exciting, though! The house buying… and the volunteer project with refugees - so cool!!
I didn’t have covid yet (hopefully) but I had pneumonia years ago and I was so weak… for a very long time. Herbal inhalations work! But not too strong. Also just hot water with salt works great.
And all the breathing exercises, Alexander technique and mindfulness training (the breathing exercises that are included).

Sometimes I go to FF when I have work to do but can’t focus… I love that FF is so non intrusive and structured.

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Thats some stress to cope with Shanthi, even good things can be stressful. I do hope you have a more calm and relaxed year from now onwards. Catching Covid must have been extremely frightening and i hope you soon recover completely :slightly_smiling_face:

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Aww Shanthi, no you have not let FF down! Wow sounds like a pretty busy and stressful year. I hope you continue to recover from covid/mystery illness, and any house projects go smoothly.

A foster dog and teaching code sound like fun endeavors to take your mind off things.

I too have been playing mindless games on my phone. We bought a Nintendo Switch, and I’ve been enjoying Animal Crossing as well. Living in another reality for a few hours a day has been super helpful to staying sane this year.

Here’s hoping to a better rest of the year! I know we could all use it lol


Just resurrecting this to say thank you to Shanthi since FF randomly imploded a few days ago lol Thanks for fixing all the bugs and whatever else came up.

So happy to see FF up and working again (even if a little wonky still)

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: