Semiahmoo Foals 2019

[color=blue]Cold Hearted
[GCh. Ace Of Hearts x Ch. Be Cool]
8.2hh Gray Colt

[ICh. First Born Son x Gobbledegook]
8.2hh Black Colt

[color=red]Sky High
[FFCh. High Chances (G) x GCh. Anglesite]
8.1hh Bay Filly

[color=blue]Spell It Out
[GCh. Mantle of Power x Ch. Sea Spell]
8.0hh Dark Bay Colt

[color=red]Wait N’ See
[ICh. Worth The Wait (S) x Lady Montague]
8.2hh Dark Bay Filly

[color=red]2 Fillies
[color=blue]3 Colts
77 to go!

How did I get to 77 foals due… This is my biggest breeding season yet!

Love the name Cold Hearted.

Good luck with Sky High!

Love Gibberish. Congratulations on healthy babies

Love the names. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

Cat I think Sky High is going to be a little rocket - if her bloodlines have anything to do with it :wink:


So I have had a TON of foals but because of work I haven’t gotten around to naming or posting any of them. Terrible! Here is just a few:

[color=red]Bird Of Paradise
[GCh. Ace Of Hearts x Moonlight Garden (S)]
9.2hh Dapple Gray

[color=red]Bells Of Ireland
[NCh. Sunday Paper x Ch. Notanotherhighland (G)]
1/2 to Ch. Gonnabeamightyking, Ch. That’s Not My Point, Ch. Timbuktu.

[color=red]Bubbly Venture
[Ghostzapper x Rannoch]
9.3hh Bay
Random name generator special!

[color=blue]Red And Yellow
[GCh. Ace of Hearts x Ch. Handin’outrainbows]
9.3hh Chestnut
Had the rainbow song stuck in my head… Plus red and yellow make orange = chestnut!

[color=blue]Jazzy Jim
[GCh. Major’s Flight (G) x Ch. Bright Naiad]
9.0hh Dark Bay

[color=red]Tiger Eye
[WCh. Crystal Rainbow (S) x Six Point O]
10.1hh Chestnut

[color=red]Gin Rummy
[GCh. Ace of Hearts x California Dreams (S)]
9.0hh Chestnut
1/2 to MSW Ch. Blue Eyed Girl

[color=red]Ready To Run
[WCh. Gotta Go (G) x Ch. Tres Elegent]
9.2hh Dark Bay

[color=blue]Yakety Yak
[Ghostzapper x Sunday Joy (B)]
9.1hh Bay

[color=red]Paper Trail
[NCh. Sunday Paper x GCh. Daddy’s Pride]
9.1hh Dark Bay
This filly should be a MONSTER Steeplechaser with these lines

[color=red]Live Like Animals
[Animal Kingdom x Princess Pride]
9.3hh Bay
Savage Garden anyone…? Definitely have that song stuck in my head now

Lovely babies! Love the names Bells of Ireland, Gin Rummy, and Live Like Animals (one of my favourite songs ever). I also want to take Paper Trail home. :wink:

Lovely Fuzzies. If Shanthi doesn’t take Paper Trail home can I?

Nice ones I have a cold hearted snake he’s a gelding :slight_smile:

Good luck with Bells of Ireland and Paper Trail!

I know how you feel!  I like the early risers so the broodmare barn literally exploded come January. :slight_smile:  Congrats on your healthy foals.

[Frankel x Supa Kwik]
10.0hh Bay
Unproven parents; we’ll see!

[color=red]Cut and Clarity
[NCh. Sunday Paper x Carat]
8.2hh Bay
More unproven parents but I can’t wait to see Sunday Paper’s foals run!

[color=blue]Warm N’ Fuzzy
[NCh. Formal Occasion (B) x Ch. Blue Snowflake (B)]
9.1hh Blue Roan

[color=red]Stone Cold Fox
[GCh. Street Wise (S) x Ch. Red Fox]
9.3hh Bay
Looking forward to running this lovely lady!

[color=red]Deep End
[NCh Carrowmore (B) x GCh. Water Nymph (B)]
10.1hh Dapple Grey

[color=red]Quiet As A Mouse
[GCh. Tottenham Hotspur (S) x Easy Silence]
10.1hh Brown

[color=red]Maiden Voyage
[GCh. Ace Of Hearts x noplaceforamaiden (B)]
10.1hh Bay

[color=blue]Fire N’ Brimestone
[NCh. Worthy Victor x Fan Into Flame (G)]
9.0hh Bay
1/2 to MSW Too Stressful

[Animal Kingdom x Easy Trick (B)]
9.0hh Chestnut

[WCh. I’m Your Angel (G) x Marquesa]
10.2hh Dark Bay

[Mr. Prospective (G) x So Unbelievable]
10.1hh Dark Bay

[NCh. Lord Nelson x Kill A Mockingbird (G)]
9.1hh Bay

[color=blue]Walk The Plank
[NCh. In The Navy x Containment Field]
9.3hh Grey

Can you rename Black Tie Affair?

Ahhh I thought it sounded familiar! I’ll change it

I’ve also got a 3yo named Firebreather. :wink: Sorry!

Congratulations, a lovely herd of foals!

BTW I tried naming one of mine Black Tie Affair too  :slight_smile: He’s now White Tie Affair instead. Best of luck with him whatever he ends up being called.

Good luck with the Mockingbird filly!

Alrighty names were changed to Warm N’ Fuzzy and Fire N’ Brimestone. Should be good now? :slight_smile:

Yep, thanks! :slight_smile: