Semiahmoo Auction, What do you think?

Hey everyone,
I’m thinking of holding an auction in the next month or so but was wondering if people are in the market for new ponies. I know there was just the big auction so I dont want to put together an auction if no one is looking.

Let me know, also, take a looking through my stable (Broods, weanlings, yearlings or racehorses!) and let me know if anything catches your eye. I need to thin the herd a bit. Thanks

I’ll be looking for [cheap] racehorses; selling youngstock now and broodmares next spring. I might pm you later once I look through your stock  :wink:

I’ve had a couple requests sent my way, anybody else?

Sent you 2 pm’s I should have waited and sent one,lol , interested in a 2yo and a broodmare

So i’ve set up an auction, added some horses, some of your requests so take a look. If your interested in any other horses let me know :slight_smile:

I assume there will be reserves are they starting over $5k?

The racehorses range from no reserve to $15,000

The broodmares range from $20,000-$25,000

The yearlings/weanlings range from $15,000-$30,000

If your wondering about a specific horse send me a message and i’ll let you know :wink:

Will do

A reminder that this auction starts tomorrow. Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Got some great horses in your auction I’ve managed to get two before everyone checks it out, hopefully I get the filly and gelding I bid on too! But I’m expecting a bidding war. Lol Ty for the nice stock!

I bought a broodmare Gilded Discovery, yay! I wasn’t so lucky with broodmares in previous auction - one was not in foal and another was leased, this one seems to be okay :wink:
I also want to breed some of my mares to What’s Debatable, the sire of her 2016 foal. Dosage looks promising and I hope that the baby will grow up to 16.0 hands :slight_smile:

She has nice horses,so far I’ve won 3 , one angel baby, a runner which is one of highland Lairds last crops, and a gelding who’s a pretty consistent earner.
Picked up 2 more another Angel baby, and a mare by the black. All in all a good bunch for a good deal.

Congrats everyone on there purchases, hope they do well for you! Theres still a few more ponies left :slight_smile: