Semiahmoo 2024 Foals

First of the batch

[color=blue]ARMED AND READY[/color]
GCh. Naval Commander (B) x Ch. Kera - Ch. Magic Cross (S)
9.0h blue roan colt

[color=red]CAUGHT ONE[/color]
NCh. Lake Highlands (B) x Night Catcher - ICh. Dark Continent (B)
8.1h grey filly

[color=red]SHAME ON YOU[/color]
FFCh. I’m No Fool (S) x Ch. Night Kisses - WCh. Nightfight (S)
7.2h bay filly

NCh. Run Jenny Run (B) x Akita - NCh. Golden Text
9.1h strawberry roan filly

[color=blue]WHISTLE AND FLUTE[/color]
NCh. Run Jenny Run (B) x Ch. Flag Her Down - NCh. Conflagration
9.0h blue roan colt

[color=red]WANNABE LOVER[/color]
GCh. Turnpike Wannabe x Ch. Jennys Ballad - NCh. Cryptic Ballad
8.3h brown filly

2 Colts | 4 Fillies

Love the names, especially Whistle And Flute and Shame On You!

More healthy babes

[color=red]SUGAR COMA[/color]
GCh. Naval Commander (B) x Ch. High On Sugar - FFCh. High Chances (S)
9.1h bay filly

[color=blue]HIGH FLYING[/color]
NCh. Lake Highlands (B) x Ch. Keep Dreamin’ - WCh. I’m Your Angel (B)
9.3h black colt

[color=blue]BERENSTAIN BEAR[/color]
NCh. Bear Witness x Lady Montague (S) - Romeo (S)
8.1h dark grey colt

1/2 brother to [color=blue] Bramble[/color], [color=blue] Ladykiller[/color]

American Pharoah (B) x Twenty Four Carat - ICh. What’s Your Point
8.1h blue roan colt

5 Colts | 6 Fillies

NCh. Ancient Magic x Ch. Auroring Star - NCh. The Fighting Fifty (B)
9.2h black colt

6 Colts | 6 Fillies

1 Like

NCh. Sunday Paper (B) x Princess Pride (B) - GCh. High On Love (S)
8.3h bay filly

1/2 sister to [color=red] Live Like Animals[/color]

6 Colts | 7 Fillies

Fillies taking the lead

GCh. Turnpike Wannabe x A Wicked Miss (S) - NCh. Gimme A Shot (S)
9.2h bay filly

1/2 sister to [color=blue]Ch. Bold Operation[/color]

[color=red]VROOM VROOM[/color]
GCh. Naval Commander (B) x Ch. All Revved Up (S) - WCh. All Jazzed Up
9.0h bay filly

[color=red]LOTSA LOVE[/color]
NCh. Run Jenny Run (B) x GCh. Blowing Kisses - ICh. What’s Your Point
9.1h strawberry roan filly

NCh. Holy Warrior (B) x Ch. Hazari - WCh. As You Wish (B)
9.2h black filly

[color=red]GOLDEN CHILD[/color]
NCh. Golden Text (G) x Ch. Notanotherhighland (G) - NCh. Highland Wizard (S)
9.1h bay filly

1/2 sister to [color=blue]Ch. Eulogy[/color], [color=blue]Ch. Gonnabeamightyking[/color], [color=blue]Ch. Timbuktu[/color], [color=red]Ch. Bells Of Ireland[/color], [color=red]Ch. Not Another Word[/color], [color=red]Ch. Thats Not My Point[/color]

[color=red]ONE WAY[/color]
NCh. Sunday Paper (B) x Ch. Top O’ The Mornin’ - WCh. I’m Your Angel (B)
9.0h dark bay filly

NCh. Lake Highlands (B) x Wild Gold - Point Given (S)
9.2h chestnut filly

7 Colts | 15 Fillies

Loving the names.

Great names! I need some of that filly water in my barn.