Semiahmoo 2018 Foals

Tis the season… For babies! Glad that all my mares kept their legs closed until the new year! We welcomed 3 new colts this morning

[color=blue]Take Pride
8.1hh Blue Roan
[ICh. Dark Continent (B) x GCh. Daddys Pride (S)]
This little colt is ADORABLE! Hopefully he can run as good as his momma

9.1hh Chestnut
[GCh. My Lucky Day (S) x Give Her A Rose]
Give Her A Rose is out of Point Given, My Lucky Day is out of My Lucky Cigar. Who doesn’t love a Point Given/Cigar combo?

9.1hh Dark Bay
[WCh. I’m Your Angel (G) x Trippi Bree]
Unproven mare but she carries my favourite lines including her dam, By Honor Bound, who is gold rated and was just a spectacular broodmare. Trip’s dad, I’m Your Angel, needs no introduction. Can’t wait to see this boy run!!

[color=blue]4 Colts
[color=red]0 Fillies
56 to go!

Congratulations on the healthy babies.

Nice boys, congrats. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the new foals. 'specially like the one named Bachelor, xD

Congratulations on all the healthy foals!

Nice foals.

Tis the season… for colts?? We welcomed 2 more lovely colts to our barn this morning

[color=blue]Highland Dance
9.1hh Bay
[ICh. Demand The Best x Ch. Notanotherhighland (G)]
His sire doesn’t have any foals racing yet, we look forward to seeing how they run! His dam has produced some great foals, Highland Dance is 1/2 to Ch. Gonnabeamightyking, Ch. Thats Not My Point and Ch. Timbuktu

[color=blue]Dig Deep
9.3hh Mahogany Bay
[Deep Impact x Ch. Bamboo Diva]
Both sire and dam are not proven, but his sire is the son of Sunday Silence, who I adore. Dig Deep’s dam ran fairly well and has fantastic lineage as well

[color=blue]6 colts
[color=red]0 fillies
54 to go!

Beautiful colts! I also like Sunday Silence :slight_smile:

Woke up to another colt this morning  ::)

9.1hh Dark Bay Bay
[GCh. Mantle of Power x Rannoch]
Another pair that haven’t proven themselves yet… BUT Mantle Of Power is out of Slew O’ Scots and we love his lineage, and Rannoch is a Highland baby. The Slew/Highland crosses have done quite well in the past.

6 colts
0 fillies
54 to go!

Well it’s a good thing I like colts because this is just getting ridiculous! We welcomed another 4 colts! in the past few days

9.0hh Black
[ICh. V is for Victory (B) x Gobbledegook]
I have a few foals (who are now 3) out of V is For Victory who did quite well as 2yos, I look forward to seeing how his foals mature.

[color=blue]Cool As A Cucumber
9.2hh Dark Bay
[WCh. I’m Your Angel (G) x Ch. Be Cool]
Love his sire and his dam is a MSW mare who was only lightly raced but very successful. Looking forward to this combo

8.3hh Bay
[NCh. Carrowmore x Supa Kwik]
I am SUPER EXCITED to see how Carrowmore’s foals turn out. I absolutely love Irish River and i’m hopeful that Carrowmore carries on his legacy. This is Supa Kwik’s first foal

[color=blue]Milk And Honey
8.2hh Bay
[ICh. What’s Your Point (G) x Prosperito]
What’s Your Point’s foals have been doing well and Prosperito is by my all time favourite broodmare, By Honor Bound. I’m excited to run this foal

10 Colts
0 Fillies
49 to go!

Congratulations on the new babies.

I know how you feel about having all of one sex. I had one year (I think it was my first year breeding) when something like 80% of my babies were fillies. Then the next year, something like 70% of them were colts.

You’ll probably find that the rest of the babies will be more evenly split.

Nice boys!

Can you rename Quarrel, though? It’s very close to Quarren.

oo forgot about Quarren! Changed to Squabble… It’s a more fun name anyways  ::)

Kim, I have a filly problem. Wanna trade? :wink:

Lovely boys.

Nice boys you have so far! I do hope there’s a filly or two in your future, ;]

A FILLY!! A FILLY!! As much as I love boys, a cute little filly is always welcome.

9.2hh Bay
[WCh. I’m Your Angel (G) x Ch. Alfalfa Sprouts]
Another Angel baby, I love him. Alfalfa is out of Cigar, the Cigar/Worth cross should make a lovely foal. Blossom is Alfalfa’s first foal, but Alfalfa had a fairly successful racing career, as did her 1/2 sister so I think that Blossom has alot of potential.

Cat - We can always talk trades :wink:

10 Colts
1 Filly!
48 to go

Lovely, great name.

We welcomed 2 more boys and another cute little filly over the past few days

[color=blue]Glory Days
10.0hh Bay
[wCh. As You Wish (S) x Capture The Glory]
As You Wish has produced many very successful foals, Glory is Capture The Glory’s first foal, however she had a decent track career and has great lineage

[color=blue]Key West
9.0hh Dary Bay
[Frankel x Marquesa]
Our of 2 unprovens, it’ll be interesting to see how Frankel’s foals run!

[color=red]Ghost of Chance
8.1hh Dark Bay
[Ghostzapper x Noplaceforamaiden (B)]
Ghostzapper doesn’t yet have any foals running, Ghost of Chance is in his first batch of foals. Noplaceforamaiden currently has 2 foals running, both of which are winners

12 Colts
2 Fillies
45 to go!

Nice babies

My nerdy self had to tell you (pretty late) that I love the name Quarian.  :smiley: