Selling Broodmares infoal?

Is it possible for me to sell a broodmare thats in foal and still get the foal when it’s born? If so how would I do this?

If you sell the mare while she is carrying, the new owner gets the baby as well. I think the only way you would get the baby would be to do a deal with the buyer before selling to give you the foal down the track after it is born.

That is correct.

Alright thanks guess i’ll have to wait til they foal and such

What happens if you just lease the mare?

Leasing a mare doesn’t transfer ownership of the unborn foal, so the mare would be breedable by the leasee once she foals, and the foal would be owned by you. Obviously the foal bred by the leasee would be bred/owned by the leasee.

Thanks Shanthi, that’s what I thought but just wanted to be sure incase I had to let the leaser know I sill wanted the foal.