Select Auction-Overcharged?

In the select auction I bid and won the mare Soft To Touch. My auction watch page said I got her for 150,500, however when I check my stable budget page it said I paid 175,000 for her ?

just wondering if there has been any update ? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what happened as you somehow managed to bid against yourself when you were already the high bid.

Having said that, the correct price is $170,500, which I’ve amended for your budget.

Hmm I was bidding on mobile and kept getting the message that I was outbid…so I kept increasing but shouldn’t that have just been the max that would have been bid had someone bid against me ? But if no one was bidding against me then I’m not sure how I kept getting the message I was out bid :thinking:

I had a max bid of 170k, hence you paid $170,500.