Select Auction Bidding Issue

Description of Issue

  1. I was bidding on Turnpike Wannabe and in my excitement, I added an extra 0, so I only meant to bid $500,000
  2. I realized the next lowest bid is $100,500 and shouldn’t my next bid be $101,000 and the $500,000 (well $5M lol) be hidden?

Also wondering with the purchase limit of 5. I’m seeing stables with high bids on more than 5 horses.

If it’s unlimited bidding but limited wins, if the auction randomly selects their 5 purchase limit horses, what about the under bidder who kept pushing the price up to get the high bid? Seems unfair if Person A gets their 5, and the underbidder/winner on a 6th horse is stuck paying 7 digits when they’re only paying that much because of a bid that was later removed. I think this would also mess with bidding limits for the under bidder if they suddenly won a bunch of new horses because they could bid on an unlimited number, maybe gave up on a few, and are suddenly the “winner” of like 12 they previously lost the high bid in.

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Oh heck. I’m sorry. I was so taken up by the fact that there was no spending limit that I just assumed that there was no limit on how many horses you could get. It wasn’t helped by the code not stopping me from bidding on more than 5.

Shanthi - Please keep my bids on Devil’s Walk, Aquanita, Star Crossed Lover, Song of Truth & the Turnpike Wannabe x Musical Gift colt and remove my bids on all of the others. Thanks.

And just to reiterate–because none of my bids have broken the reserve, that if a bid doesn’t meet/surpass the reserve, it’s not considered a valid bid? I think my confusion lies with the fact that I’m still listed as the high bidder in those cases, even though I’ve been bidding less than $25K. It seems to me that my bid shouldn’t appear at all if it doesn’t meet the minimum, no?

Also, am I misremembering or was there a $100K cap listed several weeks back? My planning for this auction has been for naught, unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:

Your bid will show as the max even if reserve not met (majority will have minimum bid of $25k if that helps with your budgeting).

Select Auctions don’t have a max spend which is why the bids can go crazy. There’s usually a bargain to be had though, so worth having a look at horses with no bids again if your missing out on your top choices. Good luck in getting something.

Just to be extra, extra clear: no reserve met, no winning bid? Despite appearances?

Do all the horses in this auction have a $25K minimum? If so, I’m out of the running I think. Purse strings are tight this year!

Unfortunately yes - you need to hit the horse’s reserve to win (and not be outbid obviously).

I forgot no max reserves either so yeah I’d like to come down where possible, haha. Might need a bid reset to make things easier.

Because you have no way of knowing which horse(s) you’ll win (or what bid might be successful based on reserve/other stable’s bid), the code doesn’t stop you from having the high/winning bid on more than 5 horses, but once you purchase 5 then the high bidder who hasn’t bought 5 horses becomes the winning bid for any other horses.

This does open things up to malicious bidding but historically stables have been decent, overall.


It does appear because it’s a valid bid, just not one that will purchase the horse. It doesn’t count towards any spending limit (for auctions that have them), or horse purchase limits (because it won’t buy the horse unless you increase your bid).

Unfortunately, that will be unfair for the “underbidders”.

I had put very high Max Bids on all the horses I’ve bid on, so, when I get my first 5 horses, the underbidders for all of the others will be left with high prices to pay.

In addition, if Stable A has bid on a horse that I have bid on outside my first 5, and been outbid by me, they might decide to bid for 5 other horses which could caused a major ripple effect throughout.

Would it not be easier/fairer to cancel all bids and restart the Auction from scratch?

And I promise that I will stick to bidding for 5 horses ONLY, at least until the horse limit is raised!!!

PS: This reply was supposed to go after Shanthi’s reply to Shelbie.

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Agreed. While I’m of course happy to be the high bidder on a few horses, if Starfish is only sticking to 5 others then I didnt need to get into $3-5M bidding wars lol.

Yes, and there may have been others who might have been put off by what was apparently turning into a bidding war.

I would be happy if the Auction was restarted.

OK, bids have all been deleted.

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So…I think this is another bug? I just put a bid on NCh. Lover’s Duel, who already had a bid of $2.5M (I think that’s what I remember). Now, however, it says I have the max bid at $25,000. Unless that was from before the reset?

That’s after the reset. I had a $2.5M high bid on her, bids were reset, then reserves returned to 25k.

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Do any of the horses from this auction have less than $25K reserves? (Not asking which ones, just curious in case I stand a chance in this particular auction.)

I think all FF consigned horses are 25k to make things easy. Member-consigned horses might have lower reserves.

Wish I’d written done who I bid on :rofl: