Seeking Advice

As some of you may have read my mare Smooth Charm has lost both of her foals and both have been by Chivalry. In your experience might it pay off if I breed her to him for the third time? Or since they obviously are having issues should I try another stud? Thank you in advance!

I’m pretty sure it’s just completely bad luck with the random numbers. I don’t think the code factors in whether or not the stallion and mare are a good or bad match. So if you really want a foal from the two of them I would breed for a third time.

I might add in stud/mare specific stuff in the future (i.e. likelihood to produce a certain gender, or twins, or foal early), but as Maya said, currently the % of whether you get twins/dead mare/dead baby is randomly generated per breeding, regardless of who’s being bred to whom. If you want the cross, try it a third time. :slight_smile:

Thank you both. I didn’t realize it was completely random! So I guess we shall see if the third time really is the charm.