Scheduled breedings for you mares yet?

How many of you already scheduled breeding for your broodmares? The reason Im asking is do you think it would be too late to retire a stallion from racing to breed next year? He is four and will be five next year so I want to know if he will be able to get any mares if I retire him now otherwise I will just continue to race him next year. Any responses are appericiated! Thanks!

I’d say keep him running. Most people seem to have picked out their mares at this stage. Choice is yours really! If you retire him next year, he’ll need four more stakes, I assume you are referring to Take Me Away, of any grade before he can retire.

How many more stakes does Orion’s Bell need before he can retire? I’ve read and reread the FAQ on breeding, but I’m still spinning in circles about breedings and studs. Also, how does everyone keep track of who their mare is being bred to?

Orion’s Bell will also need 4 more stakes wins to qualify as a stud if he races next year.
When Shanthi opens a widow both Take Me Away and Orion’s Bell qualify this year. You have to decide why you competed to get the horses to run or to breed. The market is tough for studs for the most part it’s not a real money making deal unless you have a super horse. Both horses are more than worthy of becoming studs and foundation horses for your stables. In the begining if you keep your stud fees low you should get some breedings. that will give you time to pick up some broodmares.

thanks Cheq for the advice. :slight_smile: Got anymore tips to help clear the way?