Santa Anita Derby

Anyone else watching the Santa Anita Derby today? It’s on NBC right now!

Yes I am!! Thanks for reminding me!!

Yah, I watched it too. I was really rooting for Point Determined. I guess I’m a sucker for Point Given Babies, plus I always like rooting for the underdog.

I hope he has enough earnings to get into the Derby now. He was sitting 24th before the Santa Anita Derby so I think it migh bump him up.

I also hope they decide to run Discrete Cat in the Derby. I think it would make a really interesting race to see him challenge Brother Derek.

ooohhh I’m so excited for the Derby. Last year with Giacomo winning was really dissapointing. So I really hope this year will be much better. :smiley:

I couldn’t watch it live, but my father’s tv has some crazy DVR recording feature, so I got to watch it yesterday, along with the millions of other big races they had last weekend. I was pretty happy with the outcome of the SA Derby because I like both Brother Derek and Point Determined. I also like Discreet Cat and hope they decide to run him here.