Sakura Springs Stallions 2028


  • All stallions are Breeders’ Cup nominated.
  • Live foal guarantee
  • Breeding slots will be by request only.
  • 25% discount for multi-stakes winning mares who are unranked, 50% discount for gold ranked mares, 75% discount for platinum mares. I’ll try to remember to check each one, but if you could note it in your message, that’d be great!
  • An extra 25% discount for above qualifying mares who also retired with a clean health record (no injuries).

New for 2028!

GCh. Charismatic - Stud Fee: $10,000
ICh. Candidate (S) x Ch. Bold Lilly (B) - NCh. Boldness Shows (S)
15.1h, Bay
$4,325,250 in earnings, 420 points
Race Record: 22(18) - 11(8) - 1 - 4(4) - 1(1)
Dirt Wins: None, Turf Wins: 11(8)
Sprint Wins: 2, Classic Wins: 7(6), Endurance Wins: 2(2)
Notable Bloodlines: Highland Rogue, What’s It Worth, Boldness Shows

Highlights include wins in G1s Breeders Cup Mile (2025), Barretts Stakes (2026), Melbourne Cup (2026), and Canadian International (2027); G2s Belmont Breeders’ Cup (2026) and Craiglee Stakes (2027); and G3 Arlington Handicap (2025).

Charismatic was a winner every year he raced and placed 3rd in the only dirt race he ran out of a field of 13. His maximum win distance was 16 furlongs!

Charismatic had 2 injuries during his career: a cut in 2026 and heat in 2027.


Feb 1a: Here Comes Jenny - Cricket Hill
Feb 1b: Gibraltar Dove - AllegroThoroughbreds
Feb 2a: Diversion - Sakura Springs
Feb 2b: Elf Yourself - Gintara Lodge (25% discount)
Mar 1a: Tooth and Nail - Sakura Springs
Mar 1b: Eagle Way - Tall Oaks Farm
Mar 2a: Limelight - Sakura Springs
Mar 2b: Indy Magic - Marshall Creek Ranch (50% discount)
Mar 3a: FightFireWithFire - Tall Oaks Farm
Mar 3b: Flaunt It - Generous Bloodstock (50% discount)
Apr 1a: Tales Old As Time - Generous Bloodstock (25% discount)
Apr 1b: Wooden Approval - Sakura Springs
Apr 2a: She’s Got It - Sakura Springs
Apr 2b: Ring of Smoke - Gotapa Racing
May 1a: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
May 1b: Elm Street Dreamer - Marshall Creek Ranch (75% discount)
May 2a: Wonderland - Denoux Stud
May 2b:
Jun 1a: Purple Haze - Sakura Springs
Jun 1b: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
Jun 2a:
Jun 2b:
Jul 1a:
Jul 1b:
Jul 2a: Highland Royalty - Marshall Creek Ranch (75% discount)
Jul 2b: Baja Baby - Marshall Creek Ranch
Aug 1a: Phoenician - Marshall Creek Ranch (50% discount)
Aug 1b: Gummy Bear - Marshall Creek Ranch
Aug 2a:
Aug 2b:

Returning Stallions

GCh. Final Scene - Stud Fee: $10,000
NCh. Clockstopper x Hero’s Wings - GCh. Simply Heroic
16.0h, Light Grey
$1,377,650 in earnings, 426 points
Race Record: 20(15) - 9(7) - 6(4) - 0 - 3(2)
Dirt Wins: Unraced, Turf Wins: 9(7)
Sprint Wins: 0, Classic Wins: 8(6), Endurance Wins: 1(1)
Notable Bloodlines: Highland Rogue and Hollywood Queen (dam of FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood)

Highlights include wins in the G1 Man O’War Stakes (2023); G2s Knickerbocker Stakes (2023), Turnbull Stakes (2023), and Belmont Breeders’ Cup (2024); and back-to-back in the G3 Kingston Town Stakes for 2024 and 2025.

Started racing in his 3YO year and was in the top 3 for all 4 of his starts. Was a winner every year he’s raced.

Only ever raced on turf, with wins in both Classic and Endurance distances. Had swelling on his RH middle of last year, but that was his only lifetime injury.

Final Scene’s first crop starts this year!


Feb 1a:
Feb 1b:
Feb 2a: Sparks Fly - Tall Oaks Farm
Feb 2b: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
Mar 1a: My Ambition - Sakura Springs
Mar 1b:
Mar 2a:
Mar 2b:
Mar 3a:
Mar 3b:
Apr 1a: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
Apr 1b:
Apr 2a:
Apr 2b:
May 1a: Ava Adore - Sakura Springs
May 1b: Talisman - Sakura Springs
May 2a: Secret Land - Tall Oaks Farm
May 2b:
Jun 1a:
Jun 1b:
Jun 2a:
Jun 2b:
Jul 1a:
Jul 1b:
Jul 2a: Worthy Endeavor - Generous Bloodstock (50% discount)
Jul 2b:
Aug 1a:
Aug 1b:
Aug 2a:
Aug 2b:

GCh. Powerful Soul - Stud Fee: $10,000
GCh. Mantle of Power x Blaze Of The Soul - ICh. Ring of Fire
14.3h, Black
$3,646,950 in earnings, 481 points
Race Record: 29(16) - 15(8) - 3(1) - 4(2) - 2(2)
Dirt Wins: Unraced, Turf Wins: 15(8)
Sprint Wins: 7(4), Classic Wins: 5(3), Endurance Wins 3(1)
Noteable Bloodlines: Highland Rogue (through Highland Raven, dam of NCh. Slew O’Scots and ICh. Starling), Seattle Slew, Cross Roads, Black Knight

Highlights include wins in the 2024 G1s Arlington Million, Breeders’ Cup Turf, International Stakes, and Manikato Stakes; G2s QTC Cup (2023) and Warwick Stakes (2025); and 2024 G3s Asian Beau Stakes and Coongy Handicap.

Winner at 2-6 YO, 15 lifetime wins, and 22 of 29 starts were in the top 3. His best year was at 5, with 6 wins out of 7 starts. Between August of 2023 and October of 2024 he remained unbeaten in 9 starts. Retired without any injuries.

Only ever raced on turf, with multiple wins at sprint, classic, and endurance distances!

Powerful Soul’s first crop starts this year!


Feb 1a:
Feb 1b:
Feb 2a: Black Sea - AllegroThoroughbreds
Feb 2b: Smart Level - Sakura Springs
Mar 1a: Rosearia - Sakura Springs
Mar 1b: Kyoko - Sakura Springs
Mar 2a: Speechcraft - Sakura Springs
Mar 2b: Twenty Four Carat - Gotapa Racing
Mar 3a: Gleaming Stranger - Generous Bloodstock (50% discount)
Mar 3b:
Apr 1a: Club Tropicana - Generous Bloodstock
Apr 1b: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
Apr 2a: Tangled - Marshall Creek Ranch (25% discount)
Apr 2b:
May 1a:
May 1b:
May 2a: Furious Five - Sakura Springs
May 2b: Spirit of Change - Generous Bloodstock (50% discount)
Jun 1a:
Jun 1b:
Jun 2a: Ermine Order - Sakura Springs
Jun 2b: Impulse Drive - Generous Bloodstock
Jul 1a: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
Jul 1b:
Jul 2a:
Jul 2b:
Aug 1a:
Aug 1b:
Aug 2a:
Aug 2b:

Quirky Scent

GCh. Quirky Scent - Stud Fee: $10,000
ICh. Prince Of Wonder x Ch. BreakALeg - Created
15.2h, Dark Bay
$1,285,450 in earnings, 444 points
Race Record: 29(26) - 7(7) - 6(4) - 5(5) - 3(2)
Dirt Wins: 7(7), Turf Wins: None
Sprint Wins: 4(4), Classic Wins: 3(3), Endurance Wins: None
Noteable Bloodlines: Townsend Prince, Townsend Holly

Highlights include wins in the G1s Cantala Stakes (2023) and Sunshine Millions Sprint (2024); G2s Wyndham Stakes Cup (2022) and St. George Stakes (2024); and G3s Aristides Stakes (2023) and Land Down Under Stakes (2026).

Winner at 3-5 and 7. Best year for wins was at 5YO. Successful on dirt at the sprint and classic distances. Retired with no injuries.

Quirky Scent was claimed from Final Furlong when he was 3, so he may have had more early potential that was missed due to a lack of training. He is currently the only stallion with Prince of Wonder in his bloodline, but he is related to Local Haunt through Townsend Holly and Ducati through Townsend Prince.


Feb 1a: Moniker - Gintara Lodge (25% discount)
Feb 1b:
Feb 2a: La Fae - Sakura Springs
Feb 2b: Ethereal Arrow - Sakura Springs
Mar 1a: Kiss The Fool - Sakura Springs
Mar 1b: Night Of Magic - Sakura Springs
Mar 2a: Major Sunset - Sakura Springs
Mar 2b: Possessive - Sakura Springs
Mar 3a: Dunharrow - Coleman Branch
Mar 3b: Incandescent - Sakura Springs
Apr 1a:
Apr 1b:
Apr 2a:
Apr 2b:
May 1a: Blue Jean Devil - Sakura Springs
May 1b: Jackie O - Sakura Springs
May 2a: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
May 2b:
Jun 1a: Darling Has It - Sakura Springs
Jun 1b:
Jun 2a: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
Jun 2b:
Jul 1a:
Jul 1b:
Jul 2a:
Jul 2b:
Aug 1a: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
Aug 1b:
Aug 2a:
Aug 2b:

GCh. Tense Imagination - Stud Fee: $20,000
WCh. Crystal Rainbow x Affidavit - Cigar
15.3h, Chestnut
$1,413,300 in earnings, 466 points
Race Record: 30(18) - 11(7) - 5(3) - 2(2) - 4(2)
Dirt Wins: 7(5), Turf Wins: 4(2)
Sprint Wins: 5(2), Classic Wins: 6(5), Endurance Wins: Unraced
Noteable Bloodlines: Rainbow Quest, Cigar

Highlights include wins in the 2023 G1s Toorak Handicap and Whitney Handicap; G2 Jerome Stakes (2022); and G3s Sport Page Stakes (2022), Honda Stakes (2023), and Poker Handicap (2024).

Winner at 2-5 YO. Best year for wins was at 3YO. Multi-winner on both dirt and turf at sprint and classic distances. Unraced on endurance. Two injuries as a 3YO, but none since.

Tense Imagination’s first crop starts this year!


Feb 1a: Golden Grace - AllegroThoroughbreds
Feb 1b: Crazy Shades - AllegroThoroughbreds (25% discount)
Feb 2a: Kissing Book - Sakura Springs
Feb 2b: WASP - Black Storm West (50% discount)
Mar 1a: Amethyst - Sakura Springs
Mar 1b: Commemorate Spurs - Sakura Springs
Mar 2a: May Queen - Coleman Branch
Mar 2b: Itinerant - Generous Bloodstock (50% discount)
Mar 3a: Glisk - Generous Bloodstock
Mar 3b: Dark Crystal - Gotapa Racing
Apr 1a: Prospect Lake - Hidden Oak Farm
Apr 1b: Aria - Sakura Springs
Apr 2a: Honeymoon - Sakura Springs
Apr 2b: Luck of the Rose - Sakura Springs
May 1a: Alley Girl - Sakura Springs
May 1b: Smaug - Generous Bloodstock
May 2a: Spin To Win - Generous Bloodstock (50% discount)
May 2b: Black Rose - Marshall Creek Ranch (25% discount)
Jun 1a: Fine Trick - Sakura Springs
Jun 1b: Bandit’s Love - Sakura Springs
Jun 2a: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
Jun 2b:
Jul 1a: TBD - Hidden Oak Farm
Jul 1b:
Jul 2a:
Jul 2b:
Aug 1a:
Aug 1b:
Aug 2a:
Aug 2b:

To anyone who placed breeding requests before I finished writing up this post, please check the slots I assigned to your mares. There was at least one that I had to give a later date because of overbooking. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

Hi there! Could I please get a March 3a (Dunharrow) for Quirky Scent, and March 2a (May Queen) for Tense Imagination?

Should be good to go!

May I please have Tense Imagination’s Feb 2b slot for WASP?

Got it! Also, it looks like WASP is a multi-stakes winner with no injuries, so she has been given the associated discount.

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Could I please get the following?:

Feb 1b slot to Charismatic for Gibraltar Dove
Feb 1a slot to Tense Imagination for Crazy Shades
Feb 1b slot to Tense Imagination for Golden Grace

Hi - could I get the next available slot to Charismatic for Elf Yourself

Ta - Andy

Please could I get the March 3 and April 1 slots to Charismatic for Flaunt It and Tales Old As Time.

And Tense Imagination’s March 2b for Itinerant and a May 2 for Spin To Win please.

To Powerful Soul - a late March and any April slot for Gleaming Stranger and Club Tropicana, and a May 2 for Spirit of Change please. Oh, and a June 2/July 1 for Impulse Drive please.

Thank you

Can I get:

Charismatic - apr 2 - for Ring of Smoke
Powerful Soul - mar 2 - for Twenty Four Carat

Thank you!

Everyone should be good to go!

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Hi! Would love to reserve the following slots, mares TBD as I try to get my notes together:


  • May 1A
  • Jun 1B

Final Scene:

  • Feb 2B
  • Apr 1A

Powerful Soul:

  • Apr 1B
  • Jul 1A

Quirky Scent:

  • May 2A
  • Jun 2A
  • Aug 1A

Tense Imagination:

  • Jun 2A
  • Jul 2A

Thank you!

Sorry, another one! Can I get Tense Imagination’s May 1 slot if it’s still available please, for Smaug?

And a July 2 to Final Scene for Worthy Endeavor please.


Everyone should be good to go!

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Could I get the Aug 2a slot to Tense Imagination for Cearnach please? She is a multiple stakes winner.

@AllegroThroughbreds I’ve arranged the Aug 2a slot for Cearnach, but unfortunately she doesn’t qualify for the discount as she is Bronze instead of unranked.

I sent you a couple for Charismatic through the game, but can I also please get the two July 2 spots for Highland Royalty (Gold, stakes winner, no injuries) and Baja Baby (Silver, Stakes winner, no injuries) and an August spot for each Phoenician (gold, stakes winner, 2 cuts) and Gummy Bear (Silver, MSW, heat in one leg)

Ok, here’s what I’ve got for you:

Highland Royalty - 75% discount since she’s a Gold-ranked mare with no injuries - Jul 2a
Baja Baby - no discount because she’s Silver-ranked - Jul 2b
Phoenician - 50% discount for Gold rank - Aug 1a
Gummy Bear - no discount because she’s Silver-ranked - Aug 1b

For the requests made through the game:

Indy Magic qualified for a 50% discount because she is an unranked MSW with no injuries.
Elm Street Dreamer qualified for a 75% discount because she is Gold-ranked with no injuries.

Edited to Add:

Black Rose - qualifies for a 25% discount but I had to deny the March request because Tense Imagination was already booked. Gave her the remaining May 2 slot but let me know if that does not work for you.

That’s ok, I read that wrong. Thank you!

Hi can I get the next available slot to Quirky Scent for Moniker please.