Sakura Springs 2028 Foals

NCh. Bells Beach x Ch. Night Of Magic - WCh. Nightfight (G)
9.1h black filly

This combo includes 5 Chef-de-Race and Reine-de-Course progenitors. Night Of Magic ended her career as a SW/MSP champion despite missing her 2YO and 5YO seasons. Her first foal, colt Made of Magic by I’m No Fool, debuts this year.

0 Colts | 1 Filly | 36 still due


NCh. Tense Imagination x Diversion - GCh. Highland Laird (S)
9.3h chestnut filly

Dreaming Fantasy is the 4th foal (1st filly) for SP Diversion. Both of her foals of racing age, Convergence (Unabridged) and Smoke Divide (Fool To Be Smokin’) are stakes winners, so hoping for a talented all-rounder in Dreaming Fantasy.

Diversion heads for Charismatic next.

0 Colts | 2 Fillies | 35 still due


NCh. Tense Imagination x NCh. Kiss The Fool - FFCh. Foolhardy (S)
8.3h bay colt

One of the most highly-anticipated foals of the year has arrived safely! First foal for this MSW/MSP/Multi-Millionaire mare. Kiss The Fool is one of my “stud-qualified” mares, with wins on both dirt and turf, sprint through endurance, and including four G1 wins. If this colt inherits even half of his parents’ potential, we’ll be in good shape. Lol.

1 Colt | 2 Fillies | 34 still due


NCh. Tense Imagination x Ch. Limelight (P) - GCh. Stagehand (S)
8.2h chestnut filly

Our dear Limelight is nothing if not consistent. This is her 7th filly out of 9 foals. Lol.

Super happy to see this little girl arrive safe and sound, especially since she wasn’t technically due until February. :sweat_smile:

Limelight has so far produced 100% winners, 3 SWs, 2 MSWs, and 1 multi-millionaire (NCh. Fractal, who is a “stud qualified” mare). She heads to our newly qualified stallion, Charismatic, next.

1 Colt | 3 Fillies | 33 still due


Boy did I lose track of this week. Lol. Unfortunately, we ended up with our first stillborn of the year, but happy to see that everyone else is healthy so far.

Born Jan. 29
GCh. Final Scene x Ch. Rosearia - ICh. Unabridged
9.1h grey colt

Born Jan. 30
NCh. Tense Imagination x GCh. Incandescent - ICh. Candidate (G)
10h bay filly

GCh. Final Scene x Tooth and Nail - ICh. Stressed (B)
8.3h light grey colt

Stillborn filly
NCh. Hollywood Knight x Ch. Commemorate Spurs - GCh. Tottenham Hotspur

Born Jan. 31
NCh. Hollywood Knight x Ch. Kyoko - ICh. Belanso
8.1h chestnut filly

Born Feb. 1
NCh. Tense Imagination x Ch. Major Sunset - GCh. Major’s Flight (B)
8.3h chestnut filly

3 Colts | 6 Fillies | 1 Stillborn | 27 still due


Lovely babies! Sorry to hear about the Hollywood Knight filly! He has a LFG so if you wanna send her back over or even send another mare I’ll fix the fee.

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I’ve already got her headed somewhere else this year, but thank you!

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GCh. Final Scene x Amethyst - GCh. Starzen (B)
8.2h strawberry roan colt

4 Colts | 6 Fillies | 1 Stillborn | 26 still due


Fillies maintaining the lead so far.

GCh. Powerful Soul x Ch. My Ambition - WCh. Strike It Rich (S)
9.1h black filly

My Ambition is a granddaughter of Executive Session. The damline has produced some stellar runners, including Platinum-ranked mare, Ch. Limelight, and her daughter NCh. Fractal.

My Ambition herself is a SW/MSP runner. Hard to say how she produces, as her only runner is FF-owned and was raced only 4 times, but I’m looking forward to seeing if she can carry on her damline’s legacy.

4 Colts | 7 Fillies | 1 Stillborn | 25 still due


GCh. Quirky Scent x GCh. Luck of the Rose - FFCh. High Chances (S)
8h dark bay filly

This baby is way early. She wasn’t due till March 8. Lol. The Honey Perfume rose is one of the scented roses, so a nod to both parents in her name.

This is the third foal for MSW/MSP Luck of the Rose. Rosie’s first foal, Lucky Fool (Fool To Be Smokin’), debuts this year.

4 Colts | 8 Fillies | 1 Stillborn | 24 still due


Two very overdue foals finally made their appearance last night. Lol.

GCh. Quirky Scent x NCh. Fractal - NCh. Changeling
9h black filly

So glad to see this mama/baby duo alive and well. This is the third foal and second filly for “stud qualified” Fractal. Definitely bred for dirt. Fractal’s first foal, Dancing Lights (Tense Imagination), debuts this year.

Was having some trouble deciding on the name for this one but ended up going with the name of a location in the lore of the world I’ve been writing about. The Isle of Bright is a fae-centric location notable for its bright, colorful, but slightly quirky atmosphere.

NCh. Tense Imagination x Possesive - WCh. Strider (S)
9.3h chestnut filly

This is Possessive’s first foal. I purchased Possessive as a 7YO from Final Furlong. At the time, she only had three starts under her belt: a stakes win and two stakes places as a 3YO. Despite her age, she still managed to bring home a paycheck in both her 7YO and 8YO years. All things considered, I’m hoping she’ll be able to pass down the potential I think she had but missed out on.

4 Colts | 10 Fillies | 1 Stillborn | 22 still due


GCh. Final Scene x Ch. Wooden Approval - NCh. Void (S)
9.2h grey colt

Third foal and colt for this SW/SP mare. Wooden Approval was a winner (and often multi-winner) every year she ran (2YO - 6YO), with wins on both dirt and turf at sprint distances. Final Scene was a winner every year from 3-6 but specialized only in turf at the classic and endurance distances. Hoping that the combo will pick up on all the strengths of both parents for a solid all-rounder.

5 Colts | 10 Fillies | 1 Stillborn | 21 still due


Was so busy yesterday that I forgot to log in, so playing catch-up now. Lol.

March 1
NCh. Fiddler’s Green x She’s Got It - NCh. Mr. Prospective
9h dark bay filly

This is the fifth foal for She’s Got It. While She’s Got It wasn’t well-raced during her career and never won anything herself, of her two racing foals, her 3YO is MW/MP and her 4YO is MW/SW/MSP, so definitely have high hopes for the newbie.

March 2
GCh. Final Scene x NCh. Aria - FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood (S)
8.1h light bay filly

Actually kinda surprised this name wasn’t taken. A coda is the section that concludes a piece of music. This is the third foal and first filly for Aria, who was phenomenal at turf sprint and classic distances. She won over 1/3rd of all starts and ended her career as a MSW/MSP/Multi-Millionaire.

Coda is special since she’s the daughter of a homebred and a stallion I careered to stud, so definitely looking forward to seeing how she performs on the track.

Aria’s first foal debuts this year.

5 Colts | 12 Fillies | 1 Stillborn | 19 still due


Welp. It was bound to happen eventually. On the bright side, we also got one healthy filly to add to the barn. The fillies are ruling the roost! Lol.

Stillborn colt
NCh. Tense Imagination x All Those Glasses (G) - Created

At 19 years old, I wasn’t sure how much longer All Those Glasses would be able to hang on. This made the decision for me. All Those Glasses has earned her retirement after 11 live foals, including 89% winners, 44% stakes winners, and one multi-stakes winner.

NCh. Tense Imagination x Ch. Chasing Gold - ICh. Witness (B)
9h bay filly

Third foal for this SW/MSP mare. Chasing Gold was a winner from 2YO-6YO and a solid dirt sprinter. Despite only winning one stakes race, she managed to set two speed records at 5 and 6f. Hoping the combo with Tense Imagination will produce a more solid all-rounder. Chasing Gold’s first foal debuts this year.

5 Colts | 13 Fillies | 2 Stillborn | 17 still due


Sorry for your loss. We own All Those Glasse’s daughter, River Mage, who just had her first foal this year.

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Sorry for your loss.

Good luck with the other filly.

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Two more healthy foals to report!

GCh. Quirky Scent x Honeymoon - NCh. Away The Lads
9.2h dark grey colt

It’s been rainy for a couple days where I live, so the name seemed appropriate, especially for a grey colt. Honeymoon wasn’t exceptional on the track but she was born shortly before my wedding, so this bloodline is a sentimental favorite.

GCh. Quirky Scent x NCh. Towering Clover - GCh. Edinburgh
9h dark bay filly

Third foal for this “stud qualified” mare. Her first foal debuts this year.

6 Colts | 14 Fillies | 2 Stillborn | 15 still due


Shocked Scent of Rain wasn’t taken. Lovely foals.

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This is turning into a rough year for our foals. :sweat_smile: Comm Badge is headed back to Tense Imagination for another try.

Stillborn filly
NCh. Tense Imagination x Ch. Comm Badge - ICh. Highland Magic (S)

6 Colts | 14 Fillies | 3 Stillborn | 14 still due


GCh. Powerful Soul x Ch. Talisman (S) - WCh. Nightfight (G)
8h black filly

This little girl REALLY couldn’t wait to get here. She wasn’t due until Apr. 6!

Talisman did best in her 2 and 3 YO years and only on turf. She’s produced 100% winners, including a stakes winner and a stakes placer.

6 Colts | 15 Fillies | 3 Stillborn |13 still due