Oh wow… :frowning:

Jockey accidents are terrible. Our sport is actually very dangerous and I think people often forget because it is glam’d up…

Very sad. He was a very young man. I know that bugs usually start really young, but maybe 16 is a bit too young to be a jock. Perhaps they should up the age to 18? Well, just a thought. Considering how dangerous it is to be a jock, it’s amazing you don’t hear of more tragic accidents such as this. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends through this extremely tough time.

^^I really dont think the age of the jockey would have made any difference in this case… The horse would have broke down either way.

This is truly a tragic incident… My heart goes out to the family, i can’t imagine what their going through

I’m not blaming it on the age of the jock, but I do still feel that is too young of an age to be riding (professionally). It was more of a general statement, though I can see how you could’ve misunderstood easily. I guess I should have clarified a bit more. :roll: Anyway, this is a very unfortunate situation.

Sorry, my bad :roll: . In general I agree, 16 is very young. Heck your not even out of highschool by then. But there are some cases (like this one) where the rider has already been riding for awhile and deserves the ability to ride. I dont know it’s hard to say