Sad day at the farm...

This morning was a busy one for us, with the birth of 2 foals overnight. Once things settled down, we went to check on the rest of the horses.

We were greatly saddened to discover Highland Rogue lying underneath his favorite tree in the pasture. He’d evidently slipped away during the night, and didn’t appear to have been in any pain.

Highland Rogue was the sire of countless stakes winners and millionaires on the track. He’s still proving himself to be a stellar broodmare sire as well, and many of his sons have proven him to be a “sire of sires”. In short, he had it all.

Highland Rogue will be buried on our farm, beneath his tree. Visitors are welcome at any time to pay their respects.

Highland Rogue
April 4, 1990 - April 7, 2010

Sorry to hear of the loss he was such an awesome horse. He will be greatly missed.

Very sad to hear that, probably the greatest sire FF will ever see. He had a good life in his 20 years though.

It is indeed a sad day!!! :frowning: I know the link I’m posting is specificially about Christmas and Standardbreds but I think it’s appropriate. Good horses are good horses and they are missed by everyone!!!

My deepest sympathy and condolences to everyone involved.


Aww, that’s sad. It’s tough to lose such a great name like him. Our barn’s thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.


Indeed a sad day for FF, my condolences on your loss.

He was not just a good horse, he was a great horse. His affect on FF was profound and his legacy continues to this day in his foals, and grandfoals.


Very sorry to hear such sad news.He was and will always be in my mind the Patriarch of Final Furlong.

The Flag at Battle Hill stands at half mast, and will through the weekend… in honor of the passing of this Great Monarch of FF… His legacy will live on for generations… and his Greatness will be definded by the many sons & daugters he sired during his years at stud…

He will be missed… but I’m sure he made a grand intrance over the rainbow bridge!