I know some of us here are eventers, so I figured there would be a few interested! My dad just called to let me know that NBC (I think) is covering the Rolex right now! So, if anyone’s interested, it’s on! I guess I’ll have to multitask as I write my paper today…

Yeah I watched it when it was on.  I love eventing, though I’ve never done it myself, I really want to try it out sometime.  Maybe when my horse chills out a little we can enter some little ones :slight_smile:

I’m planning on doing eventing with Magic once we learn a bit more about the “this is how we go around the ring without falling over” concept.  ;-)  (She’s very dramatically left-handed still)

Just finished watching the Rolex coverage, and all I can say is WOW.  Talk about a crazy weekend with a ton of surprises and changes in standings.  But then, I think that’s fairly standard for the Rolex, since it’s so challenging.

I didn’t get a chance to watch Rolex. Though I love eventing!!!  I compete very summer!! And Shanthi, good luck with Magic!! How long off of the track (no interaction; just pasture) did you give her because I know an off track thoroughbred that had 1 year off just on pasture and he is going Intermediate Eventing!! He started training less than 2 years ago to jump!!

She had about a month to just chill out, and another couple of months of learning basic stuff like how to lunge.  Right now we’re working on how to bend and adjust our pace and handle scary stuff like trotting poles and cavaletti.

Ha, trotting poles are so scary! I worked at an eventing riding camp the past two summers, and I was trying out one of the new schoolies who was this super cute typey little Thoroughbred. He was really fun on the flat, way more sensitive than my big lunk of a TBX, so I decided to try him over a couple trotting poles. The first one he LEPT over! It was hilarious, he landed and I totally lost both my stirrups and started laughing. Luckily after that I was a little more prepared.  ;D  But oh man, watching the Rolex made me miss eventing my mare so much. It makes me feel better to see some backyard riders way up there in the standings! And seeing so many older riders, there’s still hope for me yet! I think it was great that Andrew Hoy won though, since he had never won the Rolex before! He’s an incredible rider; they all are. I was pretty disappointed Darren Chiacchia pulled out of cross country, seems like a lot of people had trouble with that course!

Yeah, I was pretty impressed with the course…it looked “easy” (compared to previous years), and yet a lot of riders had problems.

That’s really true, I didn’t see much when they were overviewing the course that made me think it was going to be that hard.

A lot of the riders apparently commented (before the xc) that they thought it looked pretty straightforward, too.

Yeah I heard that.  Well they were sure proven wrong, huh?