RL Studs and Their YOB

I wasn’t sure where best to post this, but thought it interesting to note. I know RL studs get rotated out fairly quickly unless there’s much fanfare (and proceeding FF success), but I just realized that despite FF’s alternative year (aka, it’s 2023), all RL stallions are created with their RL YOB. So Gun Runner is 2013 in and outside the game, but this makes him 6 years in RL and 10 years in the game. I’m wondering if this is something we should tweak, or no? Mostly thinking in terms of older studs being more prone to retirement, but maybe there’s some safety switch for the RL studs I’m unaware of so we don’t vote to keep them, only for the game to axe. Similarly, Dubawi is 21 in-game…which makes me think the RL studs are exempt from FF rules.

I dunno, just noticed for the first time and thought I’d bring it up. It could be totally irrelevant!

RL studs only get retired when I manually switch them out at the start of the year based on voting for who gets to stay. :slight_smile:

Now I know! Thanks for answering a random musing.

I was actually randomly wondering about this too not too long ago haha Glad this was answered.