RL Belmont Stakes shortened

To add to an already weird year, having the Kentucky Derby in September and the Preakness in October was odd enough, but the Belmont will 1) still be contested in June, 2) is now the first leg but worth Derby points, and 3) has been shortened to 9 furlongs (1-1/8 miles). …Why? They could have moved the Belmont between the Derby and Preakness, or made the Belmont a prep and moved maybe the Travers a little earlier in the year (it’s now 1 week before the Derby) to act as a first leg. I’d even have been okay with a total twist on the TC and making the BC Classic the third leg (St. Leger style this year’s TC!).

It doesn’t even feel like the Belmont at 9f.


Can I say I am oddly thankful for Cop in Morgue’s 2/3 sweep so far, in a NORMAL TC, however fake? :laughing:


I totally agree Shelbie, this a really weird year for RL racing. I definitely think they should have moved it until the fall potentially scheduling the travers earlier in the summer for prep, and then push the Breeders cup till late November/early December !

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