RIP Make An Impression

We are sad to announce that GCh. Make An Impression has died today at the age of 21. She was a MSW millionaire on the track before going on to deliver 16 live foals, including MSWs Lasting Glory, Last Cigar, and stallion Express Yourself. Her youngest foal is a yearling filly by Take Me Away about whom we have high hopes.

Maisie was always lovely to have around the farm and a great mother. She will be missed.

Our deepest condolences on your loss. She had a great record as a Broodmare with her progeny averaging over $1m in earnings.

I had a random thought:- Experts say that every year of a dogs life is the equivalent of about 7 years in a humans life. Does anybody know if there is a similar equivalency for horses, more specifically, racehorses? It seems like they start racing at 2, probably hit their peak between 3 & 4, and their average lifespan appears to be somewhere between 16 & 25. I don’t know how we could compare that to a human athlete, who probably starts seriously competing in their mid-teens, hit their peak in their early to mid-20’s and whose average lifespan tends to be anywhere between 60 & 80. It seems like, in their early years, the equivalency is about 7 years, but from they get to 6YO, this drops down on a sliding scale to about 4. Of course, for stallions and broodmares, this figure is completely skewed as they can go on successfully breeding to their mid-teens/early 20’s yet the closer that a woman gets to her 40’s, the greater the risk that their offspring will have medical issues. Ugh, I’m sorry that I started this. Now my brain hurts.

Suffice it to say, Make an Impression had a long and successful life, and I know she will be sorely missed. RIP.

Sorry for your loss. She was a wonderful mare.

Sorry to hear about the loss of Maisie. She leaves a wonderful legacy.

Sorry for your loss, sounds like she was a very special mare!

I just looked if I have her bloodline somewhere… and I do! Now 3yo [color=blue]Trippin in Express is her grandson via sireline. He was bred by Cirque Du Soleil Stables but I claimed him from Final Furlong, mainly because he had this great broodmare in his pedigree and also his dam was gold ranked. He did finish in the money every time he raced, even though he won only twice.

Lewis, I think it depends on type of sport. E.g. ballet dancers or gymnasts start very early, but I’ve heard that marathon runners are not supposed to run really long distance before their thirties. But I’m not an expert!
With horses it’s similar; racehorses don’t usually have long careers (maybe except the long distance runners and the ones that continue as endurance or eventing horses), but dressage horses can have a ~20 years long career and they start at the age of four.

Sorry for your loss. She left many outstanding foals to carry on the name.

It’s always so devastating to lose such an outstanding mare.  I’m so sorry to hear this!  I’m glad she had so many wonderful years with you, though, and that you have so many of her relatives around to honor her.  I’m also quite honored to have her daughter, Sydney Ellen (x Candidate) in our brood herd so that Ivy Creek can, in some little way, be tied to such a great legacy.