RIP Highland Laird

:frowning: Stillwater Farms is sad to announce that Highland Laird has passed away. At the age of 17 his health wasn’t the best, but he was still going strong. We found him down in the pasture late Saturday night, but by the time the vets got out there was nothing they could do. He has been buried in the far field overlooking the baby pasture where his offspring are currently playing.

Laird is the sire of over 100 foals, with another 22 due next year. He’s sired 8 MSWs so far, including stallions High Chances and Formal Occasion. He will be missed.

So sorry to hear that. RIP Laird :frowning:

Sorry for your loss I actually noticed his page said deceased when I was looking up a date for a mare I was going to send to him. I have a baby on the track right now by him highland velvet a colt ,and one due next season. I hope they do his name proud.

So sorry about that Shanthi  :'( :'( :'( all condolences

It looks like the Rogue sons are shrinking fast.

Man, when I saw this I was floored.  He had turned into such a “celebrity”!  Well… go Army Laird!  The Flag of Laird is lowered in his honor. Hats off to him.

Cat is going to go into mourning. RIP Laird! Sorry to hear your loss Shanthi!

Thanks, all. Go Army Laird!

(I seriously need some of my colts to qualify themselves - they keep getting lackluster once they hit stakes races.)

Well I will pray my colt makes something of himself to carry on the name!

Oh heavens, no! I go away for the weekend and I come back to this.  Poor bugger didn’t even get a retirement.  I am so sorry, Shanthi.  He will be missed.  I am so glad, however, he became as popular as he did.  I hope his sons do him proud.

The Grey Stable owner of Formal Occasion would also like to offer their condolences on the passing of Highland Laird. For those of you wanting Highland Laird blood and have late foaling mares there are still breedings available to both High Chances and of course Formal Occasion! Live on Laird Army!

i have a high chances 3 yo that is doing pretty good, and i have plans on using both !  :slight_smile:

Thanks, Cat. Me too.

Didn’t realise until I went to send a mare to him.

Sorry to hear Shanthi  :'(