RIP Highland Lady

She is the first daughter of the great WCh. Highland Raven and also the first to be rejoined with her in death.  She was silver rated at the time of her death and was 12 years old and had 7 foals including a MSW, SP, and winners.  She was a stake winner herself beating the great Atlantis.  CDS will feel the loss of this one for quite a while.

Sorry for your loss, the Highland line are some of the best in the game

Sorry for your loss. :frowning:

:frowning: so sorry to hear that. I have her 2yo daughter to race this year. Hope she follows in mum’s hoofprints.

Again sorry about your mare, it really hurts to spend so much time ,money, etc, only to lose one. :frowning:
You can’t go wrong with the highland lines! 
I have a lot of Highland Dreamer in my herd, I just claimed one today.

Sad news Holly. She was special. Highland Raven was the 1st MONSTER of FF, utterly destroying her competition. Her first daughter was very special and highly anticipated (I won her when she was sold in a lottery auction-of course everybody wanted Raven’s first foal!) lucky day even though she wasn’t much like her mom on the track.