Retiring Colts to Stallions

You can now retire colts to

be breeding stallions, provided that they are 4 years old, have raced at least 10 times, and

have at least one stakes win.

If you want to retire your 3yo colt, just wait until January

when he turns 4 and then retire him (again, provided he’s raced 10+ times and has a stakes


woint let me make rumor has

it a stallion has the qualifications

That’s because his status is

Retired, not Racehorse. It will only work for a horse who is currently a racehorse.

i just retired him like a

month ago

i didnt realize that if i retire him before the end of the year he cant

become a stallion

what is the rule about

retiring mares???

If I remember right, anyone

who’s status is “Retired” is retired permanently unless Shanthi or I go in and change their

status (not something we’re happy to do unless it’s our fault).

Mares can retire to

broodmare status once they have turned four and had 10 starts. All horses are automatically

set to Retired once they hit 15 (so next year any horse born in 1993 will be retired).

well i guess he wont be a

stallion then lol

We can fix it, it’s just not

something we like having to do. What’s his ID # (from URL when you go to his page)?

958 thanks

Should be fixed.