Resting barns

I know there has been some talk in the past regarding the setting up of stables/barns where horses can go to rest instead of being sent to the owners farm. (for a fee of course  :slight_smile: ) I just wondered if there was any further thoughts or progress on that? Most of my horses have been at the track now for 5 -6 monhs and are in real need of a rest but I don’t think I can afford to send them all home. For each horse to break even they must win $5,000 to cover their keep and $19,500 approx for a single annual visit home so they must earn $25,000 each clear of jockey and entry fees. Only 11 of the 34 horses I have had in my yard have won $25,000 or more (i have not counted lease horses as none were shipped home) It does not make economic sense to send the poor performing horses home but i still have to do it or sell them, which I also don’t want to do.
Would it be possible for owners to lease out barn space to other members for a fee? It would certainly give a bit of income to new stables with only a few horses and they could just be added to the shipping list. perhaps more easily than adding new rest only barns??
I know I’m probably the member with the highest shipping fees and other stables aren’t so extreme and i may be a lone voice in all this but i don’t want to leave and I don’t want to go bankrupt  :frowning: :frowning: but I’m going to be in real trouble soon because break even next year for all my current horses comes to  $850,000  clear of all jockey and entry fees so I’ll have to earn about $1million :astonished:. HELP!!!

There was someone who leased out their horses for however long they wanted them to rest to other stables so they wouldn’t have to pay the $20k+ to ship them home.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find this thread.

I’m setting up future entries and shipping, and next on the list is setting up FF stables at each track.  It’ll be a bit slow, though, because of the boarding fee setup.


You could try leasing the horses to someone nearby?  I’d offer to take them, but the 3 months would overlap out of my first-year taxes status, and I’d get taxed fully on them.  However, leased to a newbie, the leaser wouldn’t have to pay a penny on the lease fee IF they never race them (strictly rest).  It’s kind of a crazy time for that, though, with tax season right around the bend…since newbies only get their FIRST set of taxes discounted!  So you’d have to wait for any new members joining in 2012 and hope one of them would take you up on your offer!  However…then it gets complicated as to how you’ll repay them for shipping costs (from track to home…then home to track prior to the sale to make sure they don’t teleport to YOUR stable out of the country!). 

The only alternative I see there is to outright SELL them the horse for $0 and then buy them back at the end of their rest for whatever fees were incurred (minimum of 6 months…or let them race them 3X after X amount of rest, THEN sell back).  OR work out a deal to sell/lease them a horse for cheap(er) in return for their help.

It is in General Discussion under Layups.

I would be happy to help.  I am located by Aqueduct.
My mom, Triple M, can help also.

Let us know