Rest in peace, Emma

Many of you heard the exploits of the TB/WB filly I had for a few years, Emma.  I sold her last fall to a young girl who fell in love with her.  Today I got this e-mail from her…

I can’t believe she’s gone…she was only 4.  :frowning:  She and I didn’t have the best relationship, but she was a sweet girl, and had already survived one fractured leg (when she was about 5mos old.)

Poor baby…RIP, Emma.

Awww… :frowning: What a huge loss for both of you. I’m really sorry to hear that. It sounds like her new owners tried their best for her, at least.

I’m so, so, so sorry for your loss. I know she will be greatly missed, and that little girl will hold onto her memory forever. I hope both of you remember the happy times though. I know Emma, though she wasn’t human, probably wouldn’t want either of you to be too sad.

Big hugs…

Ahh that’s so sad. Best wishes to Emma’s owner.

Oh wow…so sorry to hear that, I can imagine this breaks your heart, you had Emma for awhile and though she had her moments I know you loved her.  :'(

I am so sorry for your loss Shanthi. It seems like her new owner loved her VERY much. And you too. The good thing is that some other horse(s) might owe their lives to Emma in the future. RIP Emma. :'(

Oh Shanthi I’m soo sooo sorry! I remember when you first got her, when you first met her she was still with her dam, you raised her and I can’t imagine how hard this must be! Even if you didn’t get along great with her I know you still loved her (it had just turned out to be the best thing for her to be sold). It sounds like she had a great life though, however short.
I’m so so sorry!

hugs I’m so sorry, Shanthi!  Emma’s been through so much–I’d think by now she would have been a pro at stall rest.  She seems to have been such a vivacious horse.  From the sound of the letter though, it sounds like she had found a good home and that she was really loved.  So, even though her life was much too short (I remember drooling over her weanling pics!!), she definitely had a full one, even if it involved getting herself into more trouble than she knew what to do with.

My thoughts are with you, Shanthi. 

Oh I’m so sorry  Shanthi… I really don’t know what to say :frowning: But I don’t think much could help right now. You’re in my prayers

Oh Shanthi…this is a huge shock!  I am so sorry!  It feels like I knew Emma, just from hearing about her and about the process you went through to sell her.  What a horrible tragedy :'( :'(

Yikes. :frowning:  I remember how bad I felt when I found out a previous horse of mine had torn his suspensory and he didn’t even get put down.  My thoughts’ll be with you and Krissy.

My thoughts go out to the three of you.  That is the worst thing about horses…things that are so easily fixed in humans can be life-ending for a horse. I remember you giving us updates on her training and when you were working with her after your knee healed…lots of memories.

Oh my god! I’m so sorry Shanthi… I remember when you bought her! I aways used to love the updates and photos of her, too… I feel so sorry for that poor girl… my biggest fear has always been losing my horse in some freak accident… It’s amazing to me how horses embody fragility and power: Capable of galloping at 40mph, but with legs made of glass…