Refund for scratching

My horse, Time For Power, was entered in race 11, 11 1/2 furlong allowance on the 21st Sep. I went to scratch him from the race and received an error message. I didn’t take note of the error message so I can’t help out there. When I viewed the post parade for the day, I noticed that Time For Power was taken out of the race but I never recieved a refund for his entry fee. It is only $2500 but every cent helps at the moment.


Check your actual stable budget page to see if he’s listed as being entered. I think Shanthi made the code so that if they were scratched you don’t get a refund notice, the entry will just look as though it was never there or paid for.

Correct me if I’m wrong coding masters! :lol:

The entry fee still shows up on my budget but no refund for scratching

Did you scratch before midnight EDT on Thursday night/Friday morning? Entry fees are only refunded if you scratch before the close of entries.

If the entry fee shows up with no race number (i.e. Race - Time For Power) it’s because entering/scratching was temporarily broken, and is now fixed.

I did scratch before close of entries as entrie for this race date are still open. The race entry on my budget page does miss the race number.