Rebellious Racers' 2014 Foal Crop!

We had our very first homebred born today! We started getting a little worried when day after day, Slew’s Sweety kept her legs crossed past her due date, but mom and baby are okay, nice and healthy, and a sweet sight to behold. I guess being a week late does the charm ::) . Very proud to introduce:

[color=red]Blue Suede Shoes
ICh. What’s Your Point x Slew’s Sweety
8.3h Blue Roan Filly w/ lots of chrome!

Both mom and dad are unproven in the breeding shed as What’s Your Point’s other foal crop are only yearlings, and Blue is Sweety’s first baby, but we’re hoping this combination will work come 2016. We gave her the name Blue Suede Shoes because she was born a day after Elvis’ would-be birthday. It also helped that she’s a pretty lil’ blue roan xD. Slew’s Sweety will be bred back to I’m Your Angel for her 2015 foal.

Next foal is due in February

[color=purple]1 Foal/[color=blue]0 Colts/[color=red]1 Filly/[color=green]4 Foals Left

Cute foal. :slight_smile:

Though if you could do me a huge favor, rename her Blue Suede Shoes so it’s spelled correctly. :wink:

Whoops! Thanks Shanthi, fixed the spelling.  ;D

Very sad day today… We found our giant maiden mare [color=red]Sweet And Spicy nudging her dead foal in her stall in one of our morning rounds. It was a colt by Foolhardy, and one of our most anticipated. Mother is a little confused and sad but is physically fine. She’s being sent to Oakwood Farms for a date with Candidate this year, but we’re thinking of trying for another Foolhardy foal next year.

Our next foal is due on March 11th. I hope it’ll be a safe one.

[color=purple]2 Foal/[color=blue]0 Colts/[color=red]1 Filly/1 Stillborn/[color=green]3 Foals Left

Shoot…no matter how many times it happens…just as sad.  So sorry to hear about your loss. 

Boy were we very relieved today when we saw that our maiden created mare [color=red]ElegantlyXplosive foaled safely this morning to a healthy little boy! Introducing:

WCh. As You Wish x ElegantlyXplosive
9.2hh Grey Colt w/ lots of chrome!

This big boy takes after his momma in color but with a lot more markings (our horses seem to love having markings) and is sure to grow up big and strong. He’s a bit of a crapshoot but if our 3yo filly Night’s Over can prove us wrong, so can he. We didn’t have any names for ready him so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  ;D ElegantlyXplosive is being sent to V is for Victory for her 2015 foal.

As a little check-in, Blue Suede Shoes now measures 10hh! They grow up so fast!  :D

Next baby is due in April.

[color=purple]3 Foals/[color=blue]1 Colts/[color=red]1 Filly/1 Stillborn/[color=green]2 Foals Left

I usually go toward the short and sweet/obvious names. :slight_smile:

Xplosive Wish
Elegant Wish
Wishing You Elegant
Xplosivly Elegant
Wish Me Xplosive
Wish Me Elegant

Very pretty boy! Congratulations!

Very sad to hear about your Foolhardy foal  :frowning:  He is LFG, so if you were looking to bred another mare to him this year it would be free or you can save it until next year as well (you’d just have to remind me) :wink:

Glad to see your As You Wish baby was fine!  I also had a few name ideas:  Xspeedious, Xtrodinaryone, Xpect a Storm

Thank you both for your nice comments and suggestions.  :slight_smile: I’ve decided to name him Xspeedious. It just sounded right for some reason. What does it mean?

@ Lindsay: Thank you for the offer Lindsay. I just gotta have that monster truck baby so I plan on re-breeding Sweet And Spicy to him next year.  I’ll hit you up then via PM’s.  :wink:

FINALLY! Our veteran created mare [color=red]Too Much Moxie foaled this morning after making us wait more than 3 weeks(24 days to be exact) past her due date! Introducing:

[color=blue]Great Britain
ICh. Dark Continent x Too Much Moxie
8.2hh Chestnut Colt w/ lots of chrome!

We’re not too sure about how this little boy is going to turn out but I figure he’s a keeper. Now, I know Great Britain isn’t a continent, but it is very dark and dreary(at least that’s how I imagine it) and was one of the most powerful countries for quite a while so I figured it fit. Too Much Moxie has a date with Long Live The King for her 2015 foal.

Update: [color=red]Blue Suede Shoes is now 11.0h and [color=blue]Xspeedious is standing at 10.1h.

Next and last foal is due on July 1st!

[color=purple]4 Foals/[color=blue]3 Colts/[color=red]1 Filly/1 Stillborn/[color=green]1 Foals Left

Like the name!  :slight_smile: