Reality Check Maybe Needed

Found the running of a race a little unreal.

High Flight competing in a 9f SC–after 4f he has charged out to 17 1/2 length lead with a further 10 lengths to 3rd.  Suddenly he gets the staggers and by the time they have gone 8f he is involved in a 4 way dead-heat.  The he gets a second wind and in 1f he spaces his rivals again to win by 41 1/4 lengths with a further 5 lengths back to 3rd and the other horse levekl with leadeer with 1f to go is finally beaten by 56 3/4 lengths.  I realise this is only a game, but surely there has to be some degree of reality in the races.

The races are meant to be as realistic as possible, but with any coding, there will be bugs.  The race code likes to go on crack sometimes, but I think that the results aren’t altered, just the margins get really whacky.  Shanthi does her best to keep it in check, so please just be sensative to the fact that it’s a code/game and not a real race, so there will be some differences, especially when it decides to go a little crazy  :wink:

Well the new race code is still pretty new and it based on the other 1 or 2 codes Shanthi implemented in the past it takes awhile to get the kinks worked out but eventually Shanthi does. :slight_smile: Keep in mind that the new code is tremendously complex. Other than margins everything else is pretty realistic…energy, fitness, jockeys, moods…etc it goes on and on. Sometimes all the different factors are a little overwhelming for me but I’m slowly working out a system(as well as just getting used to the details required now). :slight_smile: