Real Time change on FF?

I noticed on friday night when I went to bid in the auction(9pm my time = 12 midnight FF time and auction would have started) that the time showing on the  forum is now one hour behind me(PST), when it was on EST.  I have tried making changes but it still shows wrong.

Example: Handicapping had to be done by 9PM my time(pst) because that was 12midnight, FF time(est).

Has anyone else had this problem? My mom’s setting is the same and she can’t straighten it out either. The way to change the setting is now different also. It wants you to +/- the number of hrs show it shows the same as FF.  I like the old drop down menu where you pick the time.

Hope this makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

This is probably from updating the forum to a new version (for the display), or from swapping to a new server (for the time zone change).  I’m sure there’s a modification out there somewhere that’ll change the way it looks/behaves, but given that you only need to change it once (max 2x/year if it doesn’t automatically do DST), I really don’t care that much.  Fiddle with the number until it works.

Yeah it is being “wacky”. This morning, it was 1 hr behind PST and now it is 2 hrs ahead(CST). 

So, is everything still on EST?  Entry closings, handicapping?

Entry closings are on FF time, whatever that happens to be.

Handicapping is still EST, until it becomes automated and then it’ll be on FF time.

According to the auctions, FF Time is four hours behind EST, so an hour behind you, Brenda :slight_smile:

That’s weird because up until a week ago, at 9pm PST, 12 midnight EST, the auctions would start. Has been that way for us since the beginning.  And that is looking at the auction page, cause when they are 12 hr auctions, I bid right at 12:01 midnight and usually get lucky and have bought horses before others login the next morning.

I don’t know, as long as we know what the times are, that is all that matters.